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Sign Scorpio Scorpius
Birthday November 22nd
Height 182cm (5'11")
Eye Colour Yellow (right), Green (left)
Hair Colour Silver
Likes Fashion and the Victorian era, reading ancient literature (e.g Shakespeare), rabbits and birds
Dislikes People who are quick to judge
Professional statistics
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Leigh (older brother)
Status Alive
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 4

Lysander is a student at Sweet Amoris High. He is a member of the same band as Castiel and is Leigh's younger brother by two years. He lives with his brother since their parents prefer much more quieter areas, so they live in a rural town while Leigh and Lysander live in the city.



Lysander has short, wavy silver hair with black tip lowlights. His right eye is yellow and his left eye is green. He enjoys wearing Victorian-style clothing like Leigh. His natural hair is silver and he has a tattoo on his back consisting of four pairs of stylized wings, consisting of dragonfly, angel, butterfly, and peacock. 


He is very quiet and mysterious and prefers to say little, which makes it hard for people to get to know him. He is also said to be a fan of Winged Skull, although it is not necessarily his favorite band. Despite not liking people butting into his personal life, he does get involved with the candy's personal life on more than one occassion to give his assistance.


Meeting Castiel

Castiel and Lysander sharing a bag of chips
ArmoriaAdded by Armoria

He and Castiel met each other about six months prior to the game and have been close friends ever since. According to ChiNoMiko, it was because of Lysander that Castiel picked up the guitar again, since he had stopped playing it for some time. 



  • Lysander saving Candy from Amber
  • Lysander singing
  • Lysander helping a Candy study.
  • Lysander as a child
  • Lysander and a Candy being sheltered from the rain.
  • Lysander and Candy attempt to pet a deer.
  • Lysander's tattoo
  • Armin, Rosalya, Nathaniel, Castiel and Lysander after cleaning out the basement
  • Lysander singing
  • A Candy attempting to cheer Lysander up.
  • Lysander comforting a Candy.
  • Lysander leading Iris, Kim, Melody, and Violette into a classroom
  • Lysander and a Candy hiding in the science room.
  • Lysander trying to help a Candy who is trapped behind a door.
  • Lysander holding a Candy's hand.
  • Lysander writing (Halloween 2k12)
  • Lysander the Skeleton (Halloween 2k13)


Lysander as he appears in the app called "Dream Of"
ZovyAdded by Zovy
  • His blood type is AB.
  • His favorite colors are green and black.
  • He loves animals, his favorites being rabbits and birds.
  • When asked how she imagines his voice to be, Chino replied "Soft and calm, almost monotone."
  • It is also said that ChiNoMiko was inspired by the costumes of a French musical called "Mozart l'Opera Rock" when she was designing his clothes.
  • He reads books of older literature (Shakespeare, for example).
  • When answering a meme about Amour Sucré, to the question of who her favorite boy is, ChiNoMiko admits Lysander is her favorite and says that she also likes Armin and Leigh. But, she adds that she doesn't show favoritism as a creator, and credits the boys equally.
  • His brother, Leigh's last name is Ainsworth, so that might be Lysander's surname too. But, this wasn't confirmed yet.
  • Lysander's name was supposed to be Viktor. This first name was reused for the character in the manga.[1]
  • In the Japanese version his name was changed to Raphael.[2]


  1. as stated on day 19 of the Christmas advent calendar
  2. as seen in the trailer of said version.

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