Group Picture

The My Candy Love Characters

This is where you can find more information about the characters at Sweet Amoris, Special Characters and Beemoov staff! You can also find fan icons here for some characters. Every character has at least one, except for a few characters: Priya, Ms. Delanay and the parents. The Beemoov staff also have no fan icons.



From left to right: Castiel, Lysander, Nathaniel, Armin, Kentin

Dateable Characters

Semi-dateable Characters


From left to right from the top to bottom: Row 1: Priya, Kim Row 2: Peggy, Lucy, Deborah Row 3: Li, Amber, Charlotte, Capucine Row 4: Rosalya, Violette, Nina, Melody, Iris Note: Missing Your Candy

The girls


The parents ('parents of')


Your Candy's Parents, Philip and Lucia

Special Characters

From left to right: Cotton, Tije, Witch, ChiNoMimi, Charli, Willi, Wenka


Beemoov Staff

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