Kentin's Mother
Gender Female Female
Height -
Weight -
Blood Type -
Birthday -
Sign -
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Green
Favorite Color -
Likes Ken and Giles
Dislikes Amber
Professional statistics
Occupation Unknown, likely a housewife.
Relatives Giles Husband

Kentin Son

First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 21

Manon is Kentin's cheerful and kind mother.


"Giles and Manon are one of those couples who are total opposites.

Giles military senior officer who gets angry easily when his wife is kindness incarnate. Being forced to leave regularly mission abroad, Kentin has not had the opportunity to see his father very often, and it was his mother who took care of his education. It is the decision of Giles that he was forced to go to military school, thinking it necessary to state that his son what he needed to show his son that he was the world of the army into a "man.""


Manon was the one to care for Ken when his father was out on duty. She also took care of Ken's studies.


Manon is a beautiful brunette with green eyes. Her hair cut is that of a female bowl-cut or pixie cut, much like her son before he went to military school. She adornes thick glasses like Ken from before he left for military school. She is described as looking very young, even to the extent that she was confused as Ken's sister.


Manon is very kind, even to the point that it upsets her husband, Giles. She is very mothering to Ken. She is also seen loosing her glasses a few times, but Kentin claims it is not usual. 


She has not met many people yet in the game, but these are her relationships.


Kentin is Manon's son. She is protective and loving towards him. She raised him by herself for the most part, since her husband Giles was usually out on Military business. She takes care of his studies also.


Giles is Manon's husband. It is unknown how close they are as a couple, but it must be difficult, since he is often deported for military duties. They are considered opposite to one another as Giles is more stern, while Manon is more kind and approachable.


Candy has been mentioned a lot about to Manon from Kentin depending on your relationship with him. She seems eager to get to know your Candy if you fare well with her son.

Amber -and her parents-

Manon is not too keen on Amber as she was the one who bullied her son before being sent off to military school. When Giles confronts her in episode 22, Amber is seen hiding behind her mother and acting like the victim, her parents, of course, take her side and believe her lies. When Giles is about to blow, Manon jumps in to remind him that they weren't any longer worth the effort and that they were "just like their daughter".


  • Manon
  • Manon without her glasses
  • Angry Manon