Mary Magdalene is the deceased lover of Dimitry. She is mentioned in the Halloween 2011 Special Episode, in which it's possible to see her grave, which Dimitry is watching over. She died around the 1800's.


Mary Magdalene
Gender Female Female
Birthday Year 1843
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Professional statistics
Relatives Dimitry (ex-lover)
First Appearance
First Appearance Doesn't appear
Mentioned in Halloween 2011

Seeing that Dimitry appears in episode 19 as a human and says he's at the mall with his girlfriend, there is a possibility that his girlfriend is also a new version of Mary. This is often assumed by fans, but was never confirmed, as there is nothing mentioned particularly describing the girlfriend at this point.


Mary-Magdalene was Dimitry's lover. She fell ill from an epidemic disease, which at that time most other villagers died from. The only way Dimitry found to save his lover was to turn them both into vampires. He went to get himself turned into a vampire in order to turn Mary into one when he comes back. However, she died only about a day before his return. Dimitry took care of her grave ever since, never forgetting her.



Mary's outfit

Mary had lush blonde hair with bangs and slightly curly tips. She had a light wisteria purple shade for eyes and long lashes. She had an unblemished and pale complexion with pink undertones and bright, rosy cheeks. 

She wore a Victorian-styled outfit Dimitry offers to your Candy in the Halloween 2011 Episode; a long scarlet red and beige trapless dress with a maroon red coat, red gloves with a similar pattern like on her dress, a black necklace with a red gem embedded in the center, and dark red heels. All of these items' titles in the closet contain her name. (i.e. Mary Magdalene Necklace, Mary Magdalene Dress, etc.)


Mary hasn't made an appearance in the game. However, Dimitry describes her as a very kindhearted and loving person. He says your Candy reminds him a lot of her; and considering the game's customization options of your Candy, he most likely means her personality by this.

When your Candy decorates the graves near the castle with flowers because they looked sad, Dimitry says Mary would have done the same.



Seeing as Dimitry was willing to become a vampire just to be with her, and how much her death pained him, Mary and Dimitry must have loved each other a lot.


  • She was originally ChiNoMiko's character for a story about Jack the Ripper.

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