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Game Summary
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My Candy Love- Web Trailer

My Candy Love is an online visual novel created by Beemoov. You play as Candy, a teenage girl who recently transferred to Sweet Amoris. While there, she meets a variety of characters that she can be kind or cruel to.

The main goal of the game is to flirt with and date one of five boys: Nathaniel, the hardworking student councel president, Castiel, the resident bad boy, Ken, a friend from Candy's old school, Lysander, a kind if mysterious boy, and Armin, a new transfer student who loves games.

Latest Episode
Episode 33

After Lysander's recovery, it's time to relax a little bit.
Your friends are organizing a party, you won't forget!
Many of them will be in the game and it will be harder and harder to hide...
Will you manage to keep your relationship a secret?

Episode 33 image


Featured Article

Agatha is Candy's aunt, who calls herself your avatar's "Fairy Godmother." She might appear during an episode to give the player special gifts, such as exclusive items wear or put on your dresser, or money, followed by a quote about love to support you. She mostly appears randomly and you may not see her at all in an episode.


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Game News

Discover the trailer for Episode 34!!

Hello Candygirls! Episode 34 is coming soon! Click here to watch the trailer!

Valentine’s Day is here on My Candy Love!

Hello Candygirls,

From February 14 to February 24, let’s be romantic on My Candy Love. Cupid is testing you during the Valentine’s Day Event. How well do you know the Sweet Amoris boys? It’s time to find out!


{INFO} New Site Bug Correction

Hello Candygirls, thank you so much for your participation and your feedback. It's extremely important to us! The technical team and the developers are working very hard to resolve the majority of the bugs and to find a quick solution.

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