Nadine Delanay is the new science teacher at Sweet Amoris, who appears in Episode 25. She is known for being very strict and intimidating to most of the students. In Episode 35 we learn that her first name is Nadine.


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Ms. Delanay has brown hair styled into a bob, and grey eyes.

She's wearing a dark blue tunic with a black belt below her chest and a shoulder side-cut on the left side, which is filled in by a thick light blue strap; black leggings, a long white lab coat, and a silver necklace.

Most of the time, she wears a very serious expression however, in serious occasions she will show a very overwhelmed expression of shock as in Episode 25.


Being very strict and serious, Ms. Delanay's authority influences the atmosphere in the classroom as soon as she arrives. While she might not go easy on her students, she is determined to teach them the importance of teamwork, and even makes tests to analyze their compatibility with each other. Though she is said to explain her lessons very fast, making it difficult for many students to understand, she also shows that she is willing to help them, as she suggests a long list of books to your Candy and Iris when they ask her. She also shows that she is open about admitting her own mistakes when confronted about it.

Generally, she is very disciplinary and serious, but has good intentions nevertheless.


Though she expresses some displeasure over the lack of discipline at school by the teachers, Ms Delanay seems to have blended in well and gets along with the other teachers at Sweet Amoris. Mrs. Shermansky particularly appreciates her sense of authority, but Mr. Faraize is more against such methods.

Most students don't like Ms. Delanay much, due to her strict teaching methods, which also intimidate some of them. She often criticizes the lack of discipline at the school, especially the students' tendency to walk around the halls a lot, even giving some of them detention for it.