Your objects are located in your apartment in the first drawer of your dresser. When you click the opened drawer, this will lead you to a page that shows you all of the objects you have obtained so far throughout the game.

Objects can either be permanent or non-permanent. An example of a permanent item is the elephant sculpture that ChiNoMimi lets you keep in the Introductory Episode. Non-permanent objects are the quest items that a character in the game may ask you to find, such as Lysander's notebook. These are temporary, for you will most likely have to give them back to that character.

Every object has their own caption, picture and title. You can determine whether it is non-permanent or not. If it says to lay on my dresser or remove from my dresser, these are the permanent items. If it does not have this pink-coloured option, then unfortunately you cannot keep this object. When you click lay on my dresser, the object will appear on your dresser next to the lamp.

Dresser Items

Name Image Description Obtaining
Elephant Statue
A colorful statue of an elephant, it's a bit weird... ChiNoMimi gives this in the introduction episode.
Teddy Bear
A small soft teddy bear from Ken. It has a little t-shirt with a heart on it. Be nice to Ken, and he will offer this to you before he leaves for military school.
A digital camera. It is small and light. Purchased in episode 4.
??? Locate in episode 7 in the classroom, staircase, or student council room. Ignore Amber and Violette after.
Stuffed Polar Bear
A white stuffed bear given by ChiNoMimi. Looks like he ate some chocolate and got it everywhere. Purchase the Chinomini plush doll, then if lucky she will appear to present it to the Player.
Stuffed Animal Cat
A stuffed cat made with Violette's help. It's not perfect, you can see some of the stitches, but it's cute anyway... ????
Lysander Frame
????? Obtain illustration in episode 6, then find Violette in episode 7 after slumber party. 
Nathaniel Frame
????? Obtain illustration in episode 6, then find Violette in episode 7 after slumber party. 
Castiel Frame
???? Obtain illustration in episode 6, then find Violette in episode 7 after slumber party. 
Stereo System
???? Episode 13, locate Auntie in the locker room.
Makeup Case
Look at all the colors!

Buy for Amber in Episode 22, then when she rejects it, you can keep it or give it to Melody.

Note: Keeping it unlocks new facial features.

The trophy is a souvenir from the treasure hunt. Episode 23. Obtain it by getting every riddle for the treasure hunt right.
Scented Candles
Scented candles for Amber. Purchase them for $35 at the Dollar Shop. Then they must be located in Nathaniel and Amber's restroom in Episode 23.
Plastic Flower
??? Episode 28. Priya offers it to you if you were nice to her
???? ????
Chocolate Egg
A beautiful chocolate egg, it's huge! Win the game during the Easter 2012 Event, and it will be offered to you by Charli.


  • The stuffed polar bear resembles Gloomy Bear, a pink bear that rather than chocolate, has blood on it.
    • This item was most-likely incooperated into the game due to ChiNoMimi's own interest in the Gloomy Bear series.
  • When Nathaniel receives the cat plush he mentions putting it on his dresser. Further in the storyline, when you can see his room, it is not there.
    • This was most-likely done for the players who decided to keep it.
  • If the Player has out the Teddy Bear, or one of the framed pictures of the guys, special dialogue will be unlocked in episode 17 where they react to seeing the item. Affinity will not normally be affected, except for the guy the item connects to.
    • However it was also proven that if the affinity level is too low with Nathaniel, it will drop if he sees Castiel's picture.  
  • The makeup kit is the only object that will unlock additional features for the Player.
  • Some items will only be available for a short while, if you have to give them (plushies, etc..) or carry them, for example (chairs...)