Gender Male Male
Hair Color White and gray
Professional statistics
Occupation Artist
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 29

Patrick Savin first appears in Episode 29, and is the art instructor during the school's Art Day. He comes from Australia, where he often exhibits his work, and was invited to the school's Art Day by Boris.


Patrick first appears in Episode 29, as the art instructor during the schools' Art Day.

He arrived to the school directly from Australia, as a contact of Boris.

During the episode, your Candy and the other students go to him for advice and instructions for their work.

In Episode 30, he joins the school as a new art techer.


Patrick has short white hair that he keeps slicked back, and a beard. His hair is grey on the sides, and his beard is white with gray stripes. He is wearing glasses with red rims. In Episode 30, he can be seen with open eyes for the first time, revealing his eye color to be black.

He is wearing a dark red buttoned shirt, with a gray vest over it, and white pants.


Patrick is very friendly and lively.

Some of the students are puzzled by his way of speech, especially when he talks about art, as he often speaks symbolically and in metaphors.

Your Candy thinks that he is very passionate, and overflowing with creativity.

He seems to have a very good memory, as he immediately memorizes all of the students' names.



Boris invited Patrick, as his contact from Australia, to the school's Art Day, and is seen talking to him on the phone before he arrived. Boris seems very nervous when talking to Patrick, probably due to admiration for him.


Patrick is very friendly to the students, and gets along with them very quickly. He even asks them to call him Patrick rather than Mr. Savin. He immediately remembers their names, which impresses most of them. A lot of students find him a bit strange, as they are confused by his creative way of speech, though your Candy has no trouble understanding him.


He seems to have left a good impression on most parents, when they visit the school in episode 30.



  • His original french name is Pierrick.

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