Gender Female Female
Height 5'5 ft (165 cm)
Weight 125 lbs (56 kg)
Blood Type B-
Birthday May 14th
Sign Taurus
Hair Color Dark Purple
Eye Color Blue
Likes Searching for scoops.
Dislikes Depending on someone else.
Professional statistics
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Geraldine (Mother)
Eric (Father)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 5

Peggy is one of the five winners of the contest "Create a character - EXTRA - until 31 march 2011 (Amour Sucré, French website[1]) to become a new character on My Candy Love. She was created by Freya[2], then redrawn by ChiNoMiko.




Peggy has short wavy purple-black hair that sticks up in some places. She has freckles on her cheeks.

She wears a green hooded sweater dress with a gold zip and drawstrings. She wears a tag on the left side of her chest.

She carries a microphone in her left hand which is attached to recording equipment under her right arm that she carries with the aid of brown straps.


This is the dynamic, sparkling, but slightly pushy, Peggy who runs the school newspaper.

For her, journalism is synonymous with activism (sometimes wrongly for that matter)! She fights for animal advocacy and more generally for environmental causes.

Through her position, she knows a lot about the high school (more or less honest for that matter). Her current goals are: to give the cafeteria a vegetarian menu and replace the balls in the gym with some that are made with the synthetic leather from fair trade.

She loves carrying around her old fashioned portable microphone, but also knows how to use all the modern tools.

Ultimately she is very ambitious and pugnacious.

Friends and Family



Peggy's parents are Eric and Geraldine. Her mother Geraldine is a food critic and gives Peggy advice on her articles.


In Episode 27 it is hinted at that Peggy may have a crush on Armin. When Candy has the option to tell Peggy which boy she pictures her with, she blushes if Candy suggests Armin. She doesn't blush if Candy suggests any of the other guys.

Contest Entry

Peggy was one of the five winners of the contest "Create a character - EXTRA - until the 31 of March, 2011" on Amour Sucre. By winning the contest, she became a new side character to the My Candy Love world and was redrawn by ChiNoMiko. Freya created Peggy, and even after being redrawn, very little changed about her appearance and personality like Kim and Melody.

Original contest entry

Bonjour, bonjour!

Alors voici ma modeste contribution, mon caillou... plutôt dirai-je mon gravillon à l'édifice.

Original Peggy

Voici donc la dynamique et pétillante Peggy qui anime le journal du lycée. Pour elle, journalisme rime avec militantisme (parfois à tord d'ailleurs)! Elle se bat pour la défense des causes animales et de manière plus générale pour les causes environnementales.

Par sa position, elle connaît beaucoup de choses dans le lycée (plus ou moins honnêtement d'ailleurs). Ses objectifs actuels sont de donner à la cantine un menu végétarien et de remplacer les ballons en cuir par du synthétique issu du commerce équitable.

Elle aime beaucoup trimballer avec elle son microphone portable sorti d'un autre temps, mais sait aussi utiliser tous les outils modernes. Au final c'est quelqu'un de très ambitieux et de pugnace.

A rough translation

Hello, hello! So here is my humble contribution, my rock ... I rather say my gravel to the building.

Here presented is dynamic and sparkling Peggy, who runs the school newspaper. For her journalism rhymes with militancy (sometimes wrongly elsewhere)! She fights for the defense of animal causes and more generally for environmental causes.

Through her ​​position, she knows a lot in high school (more or less honest matters). Her current goals are to give the cafeteria a vegetarian menu and replace the leather balls with synthetic Fairtrade.

She loves lugging around her laptop microphone that is outdated, but also knows how to use all the modern tools. Ultimately this is a very ambitious and feisty girl.

End translation.




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