Pet Shop Salesperson
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Gray
Professional statistics
Occupation Pet Shop Salesperson
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 24

The Pet Shop Salesperson is the lady working in the pet shop your Candy visits in Episode 24.


She works at the pet shop you visit in Episode 24, which seems to be called The Green Pet Stores.

The first time your Candy visits the store with Nathaniel, she explains to you how the store works. She tells you the store works with all the local animal shelters, and that all the animals there have been rescued. She later recognizes your Candy the second time she visits the pet shop with whomever she is with.


She has short grey hair and wears glasses. She wears a white shirt with a buttoned pink and white striped shirt with a name tag and a black paw print over it, and black pants.


This lady is friendly and helpful, and will gladly assist anyone interested in choosing a pet from the store.


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