Gender Female Female
Height 5'6" (~168 cm)
Weight 125 (~57 kg)
Blood Type O+
Birthday April 19th
Sign Aries Aries
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Cyan
Favorite Color -
Likes Writing, Dancing
Dislikes Injustice
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Unnamed siblings
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 27

Priya is the newest student at Sweet Amoris. She's first mentioned in Episode 26 and makes her first appearance in Episode 27.


Her mother is a teacher and for a time she gave Priya and her sister their lessons.

Priya never stayed in the same school for long as her has family moved a lot whenever her father relocates for his job. It is unknown how long she will stay at Sweet Amoris, however she mentioned in Episode 27 that she hopes to stay in Sweet Amoris long enough to complete her schooling.

In Episode 34, Priya mentions that she previously dated a girl named Olivia when she lived in San Francisco.


Priya has long brown hair and cyan-blue eyes. She wears a red bindi and has henna on both hands.

Priya wears a turquoise top with a sweetheart neckline. It has a yellow trim which itself is decorated with turquoise spots. The back of the top has a square neckline which also shares the same trim as the front of the top, this is not usually visible in Priya's sprites but it can be seen in some of her illustrations from Episode 27.

She also wears grey trousers which has a lighter grey pattern on the side of her thigh.

As for jewellery, she wears a thin gold necklace with pink and purple concentric jewels . She also wears five bracelets on her left arm, three of which are gold bands and the other two are pink beads.


Priya is a very friendly person who gets along well with others, making fast friends with many of her classmates.

Priya also appears to be good at reading and analyzing other people, as she remarks on Amber's jealousy and hostility towards her, believing it to stem from Amber's own insecurities, as well as how Candy first reacted towards her back in Episode 27.

She can also be ruthless if need be. Priya states that she developed 'anti-bullying reflexes' due to her frequently being the new girl at schools, and when Amber attempts to cut her hair, she ends up taking Amber's scissors and is the one to cut Amber's hair.

Priya enjoys writing in her spare time.


Candy Your Candy was always in a one-sided dislike due to the fact she was jealous of the attention Priya was getting from the boys that took her months to open up and get close to. Due to Candy finally understanding her feelings in Episode 27, she becomes more protective and insecure when Priya comes along. Eventually the two start over on better terms in Episode 28.

Iris : Iris and Priya seem to be on good terms, even going out for coffee together in Episode 28.




  • Given the dialogue from Episode 34, it can be assumed that Priya is very likely pansexual. She states that she does not care about the gender of anyone she is in love with, showing she values different people for different reasons regardless of their gender. This makes her the second LGBT character to be shown in the game.
  • In episode 39, Priya says she hopes to study law after school.