Your profile is a mirror on the desk in your apartment. Clicking it will take you to your Sweet Amoris High School Student ID Card.

There it will display your age (optional), gender (optional), which episode you are currently playing, how many illustrations you have, which guy you have the highest Love'o'Meter with, the day you registered, how many days you've logged in, and the day you last logged in.

You can also edit other information, such as e-mail, add a signature, etc. You may also click on your full length Candy, where you can change: Your accessories, eyes, mouth, hair, eyebrows, and color (Eyes, and Hair). In addition to that, you could also "customize" your profile with more stuff about you. For example: Links, images, videos, etc.


  • Profile (2011 - 2016)


  • Before the 2017 update, the player could access their profile via their apartment by clicking on a portrait that was hanging on a wall.