Animal Ferret
Sex Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Owner Armin
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 24

Rocket is Armin's pet ferret, whom he adopts in Episode 24.


If you visit the pet shop with Armin, he adopts Rocket rather spontaneously, without asking or even telling his parents or brother. He even brings him to school the next day and hides him in his backpack.

If you don't accompany him, he gets Rocket when visiting the pet shop with Alexy, Kentin, and Nathaniel.

Like many ferrets, Rocket is described to smell rather bad, much to Alexy's displeasure.


Not much is known about Rocket prior to his adoption. He might have been a stray ferret, as most animals from that pet shop have been rescued.


Rocket is a polecat-colored ferret, his fur being light brown with darker brown areas around his eyes, on the top of his head, and on the sides of his body. His eyes are dark brown.


Rocket seems as lively and fast as his name suggests, seeing as he jumps out of his cage in the blink of an eye as Armin opens it in the classroom, to show him to your Candy and Alexy.



Rocket's owner. He seems to care for him a lot, seeing as he brought him to school.


Alexy wasn't too fond of his brother adopting a ferret, but appears to have eventually come to terms with Rocket. He is still bothered by the odor he causes, though.

Vitoria and Arnaud

Due to spontaneously adopting him without having told his family beforehand, Armin at first hides Rocket from his parents. They quickly accept him after he tells them about him.

Your Candy

If you go to the pet shop with Armin, your Candy accompanies him when he adopts Rocket. You get the choice to buy him a ferret leash as a gift.



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