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Gender Female Female
Height -
Weight -
Blood Type -
Birthday -
Sign -
Hair Color White
Eye Color Yellow
Favorite Color -
Likes Leigh, fashion
Dislikes -
Professional statistics
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Mother and Father
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 4

Rosalya is a character designed by ChiNoMiko and we meet her in Episode 4, (your Candy will bump into her) when she is on her way to see her boyfriend. She is Leigh's girlfriend, and episode 6 revolves around their relationship.

In episode 6, Rosayla and Leigh have had problems in their relationship and she doubts Leigh's sincerity in their relationship, as he doesn't show his affection. If they are helped back together, Rosayla gives your Candy a picture of one of the boys. (She reveals to you she used to be quite the paparazzi) If not, her friendship with you (along with your friendship with Lysander) will suffer. She seems to love Leigh and even has a very expensive ring that Leigh gave her that was lost at the end of episode 6. Your Candy can either find the ring in the decor, buy it for a high price at the jewelry store, or say you can't find it. If your Candy buys another, she'll find her own and give your Candy the bought one at the beginning of the next episode.

In episode 7, she is present at Melody's slumber party.

In episode 9, Rosayla can be found at the beach with Leigh and Lysander. When your Candy wants to see Lysander's tattoo, Rosayla seems to want to as well, and comes up with many plans on how to get his shirt off.

In Episode 14, she reveals she knows how to sew and offers to sew costumes for Castiel's band.




Everyday Attire- Rosalya usually wears a short, white dress with a dark blue vest, which drapes down behind her into two tails. She has a purple tie underneath her vest and purple cuffs on her elbows to match.

Both the vest and the elbow cuffs have gold buttons. The bottom of her dress is frilly and loose. As for her shoewear, Rosalya wears long, lace-up boots. These boots, just like her vest, are a dark blue color and outlined in gold. She later reveals Leigh had the outfit custom-made for her.

Pajamas- In Episode 7, Rosalya wears her nightgown for Melody's slumber party. Her nightgown is a short, loose-fitting gown that is the color purple with a thick, black stripe racing down the middle. At the top of the stripe, lies a black decorative bow. The gown is also outlined with thin black lace at the top and bottom. She appears barefoot.

Swimsuit- In Episode 9, you have a chance to see Rosalya's swimwear, which is a purple one piece lace-up that is quite revealing. She appears barefoot.


Rosalya is very outspoken and blunt. She is very nice, but often says the first thing that comes mind without thinking about it.

For example, in episode 17, she blurts out that your Candy's undergarments aren't 'in style', while all the boys are listening. Another example is when you first encounter her and you walk into eachother. She imeaditly yells ,"Hey! Watch where you're going!" even though she's the one who ran into you. But she apologizes afterwards and says that she's just in a hurry.

Despite that part of her personality, she has shown to be kind and a true friend. She befriends your Candy almost instantly and the friendship remains strong unless you try to steal Leigh from her. After that, she feels hurt and upset, but eventually forgives you episodes later.

She is always trying to help your Candy wether it be trying to improve your style, helping you get the boy you like, or getting to see a certain boy's tattoo. In episode 17, she schemes to get revenge on Debrah for the things she's done and she was the first female character to believe Candy about Debrah's plans.

Overall, her personality is kind but very bold and daring.


Leigh: Rosayla is Leigh's girlfriend and loves him very much. If they are helped to get back together in episode 6, they will stay together happily without more troubles. If they are not helped, they will still make up in the beginning of Episode 7.

Lysander: Rosayla's relationship with Lysander is slightly confusing. She seemed to love him as a brother, yet is vigerous to take his shirt off and gives him a strange nickname ("LysBaby").

Melody: Rosayla and Melody seem to be good friends as she was invited to the slumber party and accepted. Also in Episode 10, the two appear to partner up when helping with the exams.





  • Rosalya was originally created before the game by ChiNoMiko site DeviantArt for the RPG "Academy of Heroes", where her full name is Rosalya of Meilhan.
  • Rosalya is the favorite female character ChiNoMiKo

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