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Episode 18 - SOS Rabbit

QuotationM1 The high school is back to normal, and science class is about to start... With new arrivals, what's in store for you? QuotationM2

SOS Rabbit is the 18th episode of My Candy Love. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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It's been a week since Deborah left and even though things are going back to normal, Castiel still hasn't returned to school. No one has heard from him and Lysander is keeping quiet about the whole situation, but since he isn't as worried as when Deborah returned, your Candy takes it as a sign that everything will be okay. Your Candy is snapped out of her thoughts by Alexy, whom she had been speaking to before thinking about last week's events. He mentions how Peggy has been acting different lately and even though your Candy is hesitant due to Peggy writing the article that demonized her, she agrees to talk to Peggy about it. Along the way she runs into Lysander, who reassures her that Castiel is okay and that there's nothing they can do to make him attend school until he's ready to return. She then runs into Rosalya, and she mentions how they need to go shopping for underwear so your Candy can attract the boys she likes. Not being able to go today, your Candy and Rosalya part ways with the note that they'll have to go shopping together eventually. When your Candy finally finds Peggy, she's unsure of what to say. She starts by asking if Peggy is okay and if the reason for her quietness is because of the article she wrote. Peggy replies that the article itself didn't bother her, it was that the information she gathered had been false. Now that people know the information was false, some people assume Peggy was Deborah's accomplice. Peggy is happy your Candy asked her why she was down and she leaves without apologizing, but your Candy is just happy at least she smiled again.

In the hallway your Candy runs into Nathaniel, and she's surprised when he asks about news of Castiel. He then explains how if Castiel misses one more day of class, he'll be kicked out of school. Your Candy hopes to maybe let Lysander know so he can tell Castiel, but Nathaniel already saw him leave school and so she can only hope Castiel returns on his own. Once Nathaniel and your Candy part ways, she runs into Melody, who also mentions how Mrs. Shermansky is furious and wants to contact Castiel's parents, but she can't reach them. Your Candy leaves the school and decides to walk around the town a little before heading home. She runs into Armin or Kentin in front of the park. If she's close enough to Armin, they can go to the cafe together for a drink. If she close to Kentin, they can talk through the park together. Once they leave the park/cafe, your Candy heads home, but runs into Castiel in front of her apartment. He's wearing new attire and seems to be doing well, which reassures your Candy. Castiel explains how he just wanted to be alone and how he planned on returning to school tomorrow anyways, before he leaves. Your Candy goes up to her room and thinks about how tomorrow, she'll clothes with Rosalya, so she won't take the shortcut to school.

The next day, your Candy runs into Lysander and the two talk about how Castiel has returned to school. Lysander mentions how Castiel is lucky and even though your Candy is unsure, he explains how even though Deborah was disreputable, he was lucky he had a group of friends to open his eyes to the truth about her. Lysander speaks of how one should look at the good things in the world instead of focusing on the negative before he leaves. In the school, your Candy is met with Alexy, who is happy to see Peggy in higher spirits. She also runs into Kim, who mentions how Castiel looks much better in his new outfit compared to the one he wore when he was with Deborah. Outside, your Candy sees Alexy once again picking on Kentin, this time about being scared of Castiel. Your Candy decides to leave them be and heads to the classroom to meet up with Castiel and Rosalya, who are talking about his change in outfits. Peggy seems to have recovered and leaps into the conversation to get a new scoop. Castiel won't give her anything to work with, and mentions how Peggy still hasn't even found out what new project the teachers are preparing for them is. Peggy mentions how she'll find out eventually and leaves the room. Everyone leaves the classroom, as well, and your Candy is stopped by Rosalya, who still wants to go shopping. The two agree to meet in front of the school later and part ways for the time being.

While walking in the hallways, your Candy gets bumped into by Nathaniel, who excuses himself for not seeing her. She's then hit into again, this time by Castiel, though she doesn't get an apology. Nathaniel then explains how he was looking for Castiel because the principal wants to see him, most likely due to his absences and Castiel leaves in a huff to go see the principal. Your Candy is surprised there's still tension between Nathaniel and Castiel since the truth about Deborah's manipulation was revealed, but Nathaniel mentions how his side of the story was unheard and so the truth about him and Deborah's supposed relationship still isn't cleared up. No matter what, even if Nathaniel explained things to Castiel, he's sure the two will still forever hate each other and that won't change. Once he leaves, your Candy goes to find Castiel to see how his meeting with the principal went. Luckily he's not suspended, but it's on his records and he has detention.

After school, your Candy meets up with Rosalya and the two go to the Clothes Shop. Rosalya picks out various clothes for them to try on, but Rosalya first wants your Candy to try on some lingerie. She picks out a chocolate colored set, which Rosalya thinks is perfect. Next, so not to spend too much money, it's decided that your Candy will buy only one new outfit. She chooses one based on who she wants to impress out of the boys and decides to wear it to school the next day. Rosalya and your Candy then part ways with the hopes of going shopping together again sometime before your Candy goes home for the day.

The next day, your Candy goes to school wearing her new outfit. Certain boys will find your Candy's new outfit very appealing and will compliment her on it while others won't be as enthusiastic. Eventually, your Candy runs into Rosalya, who is talking with Nathaniel about something secretive. They won't reveal it to your Candy, which leaves her wondering. When your Candy leaves school, she decides to look around town to find out more about what's going on between Rosalya and Nathaniel. On her walk she bumps into Nathaniel, who is now wearing a new outfit that Rosalya helped pick out. He has a lot to do and has to leave, and your Candy thinks on how both Castiel and Nathaniel have changed since Deborah's return and how maybe they needed it. Your Candy then goes home to do homework and goes to bed.

Your Candy returns to school the next day and sees Mr. Faraize and Boris carrying large cardboard boxes with small holes on the sides. Curious, your Candy follows them and sees they brought the boxes to the Science Lab. When your Candy looks inside the room, no one is there anymore and so she takes a peak into the boxes. Inside are several small rabbits and she wonders what they'll be doing with them. She goes back downstairs and as she gets into the hallway, Peggy rushes past her and goes into the classroom. Your Candy follows and sees most of her fellow classmates are in the classroom, as well. Peggy explains how they'll be dissecting the rabbits so they can study them, and everyone (mostly the girls) are mortified. Castiel voices his opinion by saying that they're just rabbits and they die all the time anyways, but this earns him a harsh glare from the rest of the class. No one is willing to kill the rabbits and Amber mentions setting the rabbits free so that if they end up in another class, they won't be killed. Your Candy pipes up about the possibility of the plan being to just observe the rabbits and not dissect them, but the others find it to be too much of a risk and the girls are prepared to save the rabbits. The boys are a little less enthusiastic, but join in, as well. The plan is simple: everyone will take turns taking rabbits from the Science Lab and delivering them to another group waiting at the front of the school to bring them to the park. The class splits into two groups, where half go to the courtyard and the other stay in the classroom, your Candy included. They go in groups of three to the science room, with the first group being your Candy, Nathaniel, and Armin. Each take a rabbit and pass them on to the next group. Castiel mentions how the rabbits won't survive in the part, but no one pays attention to him. Once they get back to the school, they see Peggy and Capucine running in the hall with two rabbits each. Apparently Mr. Faraize is roaming outside the Science Classroom and they managed to grab the last of the rabbits. Nathaniel worries Mr. Faraize will get in trouble for what they've done, but your Candy feels they had no choice.

At this point, a different scene will play out depending on which guy your Candy is closest to and if they chose an outfit the guy found appealing.

If your Candy is closest to Nathaniel, once your Candy is about to leave the building, Nathaniel will come in and say how the girls still think there are rabbits in the science room and after drawing straws, he lost and had to be the person to check it out. Your Candy decides to go with him and the two head up to the science classroom. At first glance into the Science Room, they can't see any remaining rabbits, so the two begin looking for it. Your Candy finds the rabbit curled up behind the skeleton and decides he should be called Wenka. The rabbit leaps out of your Candy arms and begins to run away. Your Candy's foot trips on the skeleton, causing it to fall on Nathaniel, and your Candy falls on top of him. All the while blushing, Nathaniel tells your Candy to catch the rabbit before it moves, in which she does. Nathaniel takes the rabbit and, with your Candy, leaves the room; avoiding eye contact from embarrassment.

If your Candy is closest to Castiel, once your Candy is about to leave the building, Castiel will come in and say how the class still thinks there are rabbits in the science room and after drawing straws, he was chosen to go check it out. Your Candy decides to go with him and the two head up to the science classroom. They don't see any rabbits, and they begin to look around the room. At the sound of approaching footsteps, the duo hide and end up being locked in the room. Castiel becomes angry with the situation and blames your Candy for being bad luck. A noise alerts your Candy and by the desk, she finds the last rabbit. She picks it up while Castiel continues to be in a bad mood. His loud voice startles the rabbit and it hides under your Candy's top while scratching her. She quickly removes her her top and grabs the rabbit by the scruff of it's neck, and Castiel is unsure what is happening as he holds the shirt your Candy had once been wearing. The door suddenly clicks open and Mr. Faraize comes in, wondering what is going on. He walks in on an awkward scene, and leaves just as quickly while pretending he didn't see anything. Your Candy sets the rabbit down and grabs back her shirt from Castiel while telling him he's a pervert. She fears what would happen if Peggy ever found out she had been in her bra in front of Castiel, though Castiel feels that the positive side to this story is that he can't make fun of her small chest anymore, now that he was able to see what they look like without a shirt. The two take the rabbit and leave the room while your Candy avoids any eye contact with Castiel.

If your Candy is closest to Lysander, once your Candy is about to leave the building, Lysander will come in and say how the girls still think there are rabbits in the science room and after drawing straws, he lost and was chosen to make sure there are no more. Your Candy decides to go with him and the two head up to the science classroom. At first entering the Science Classroom, they don't see any rabbits and so they begin to look for them. Lysander finds the rabbit behind the skeleton and your Candy picks it up to hold. Lysander thinks it's cute and finds it nostalgic. Your Candy thinks it should be named Wenka because it suits it. As footsteps from the hallway approach, Lysander takes your Candy and holds her close near the wall while signaling to stay quiet just in case it's a teacher. No one ends up coming into the classroom and the duo leave the Science Classroom, all the while Lysander avoids any eye contact.

If your Candy is closest to Kentin, once your Candy is about to leave the building, Kentin will come in and say how the girls still think there are rabbits in the science room and after drawing straws, he lost and has to go see if there are any rabbits left. Your Candy decides to go with him and the two head up to the science classroom. Right away, your Candy sees the last rabbit hiding behind the skeleton in the Science Room, in which she picks it up. She thinks it's very cute and thinks it should be called Wenka. Footsteps in the hall cause the duo to worry, but instead of someone coming in the room, the door gets locked. Kentin tries to open the door, but to no avail. Feeling defeated, Kentin sits down against the wall and your Candy joins him. Your Candy cheers up Kentin by mentioning how at least they're together instead of him being alone, in which he agrees. Kentin suddenly begins to daydream, and your Candy wonders what he's thinking about. As your Candy pets the rabbit on her lap, she realizes Kentin is getting closer to her face; his eyes half closed and getting even closer. In an action of panic, your Candy brings up the rabbit as a shield and Kentin ends up kissing the rabbit instead. He coughs in disgust and exclaims how he lost his first kiss to a rabbit. Your Candy is sorry and explains how it was just her reflexes. The duo get the chance to escape the room when Mr. Faraize comes into the room to get something, and they get away without being caught. Kentin takes the rabbit with him while avoiding eye contact, and your Candy hopes he won't be mad for too long.

If your Candy is closest to Armin, once your Candy is about to leave the building, Armin will come in and say how the girls still think there is a rabbit in the science room and after drawing straws, he was chosen to go check it out. Your Candy decides to go with him and after Armin decides she'll be the lookout, the two head up to the science classroom. They don't see any rabbits and both begin to look around for one. The sound of footsteps in the hallway catch their attention and the duo worry it's a teacher. They hide together, but no one enters the room. Instead, the door gets locked, and your Candy and Armin are locked in the room. Behind the skeleton in the room, your Candy finds the last rabbit and she holds it while Armin explains how they'll need to wait until class starts to get out since it's too high to climb out the window. Armin then sits down by the wall and invites your Candy to join him. He then takes out his video game and your Candy decides to play with him. In order for them both to be able to hold the device, your Candy moves to sit between Armin's legs and the pair play the game together. Eventually, Mr. Faraize comes back to the room and when he leaves, he forgets to lock the door so Armin and your Candy flee with the rabbit.

As your Candy and the boy she's with go down the hallway, they see Mr. Faraize looking frantic, and they know it's because he saw the rabbits were gone. Outside, they're greeted by Peggy who has interesting news to tell. Apparently the rabbits weren't going to be killed and, just as your Candy had first thought, they were only going to observe them. Once done, the rabbits would be brought back to the pet store. Peggy's more upset another one of her scoops turned out to be false, but your Candy is more worried for Mr. Faraize. Other students share their opinion on the matter with your Candy, and several of them are worried Mr. Faraize will be fired. It's agreed that they'll tell the principal about what happened so that Mr. Faraize won't get fired, and your Candy, Kim, and Violette head over to the Teacher's Lounge. Mr. Faraize is already in the room and was about to tell the principal about the rabbits going missing, but the students jump in and explain to her what had happened and how Mr. Faraize wasn't at fault. After a moment of silence, the principal bursts out laughing and isn't phased by the news. Rather, she finds it humorous and even agrees that the rabbits are better off in the wild. She even mentions using some money from the concert to reimburse the pet shop, and your Candy is extremely surprised at how calm the principal is being.

In the end, no one got into trouble and it was a surprisingly fun adventure. Instead of using real rabbits, the class had to use books to study from and, with the weekend just around the corner, your Candy thinks maybe a trip out of town would be a nice way to spend the weekend.

Quest Items

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Date Outfits

Screenshot 120
Screenshot 119
Screenshot 121
For Nathaniel/Kentin For Castiel/Armin For Lysander
Dollars 90 Dollars 70 Dollars 75

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Student Council Room
• Gift:


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 18 !

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : Let’s talk about it: Teen Stories

PART 2 : A new look for a new life

PART 3 : The Raving Rabbids' Show


P A R T 1: 

Let’s talk about it: Teen Dramas

In this episode, two of the three outfits can be used for two dates. So, pay attention to which outfit you choose!

Deborah is gone. You can finally breath and start a new week at Sweet Amoris. However, Castiel still hasn’t come back. You are worried about him, but not as much as your next science class. Apparently you are going to dissect… Rabbits!!!

You begin this episode by thinking about the previous events and the prolonged absence of Castiel. Unfortunately, during this introspection you left out a certain detail: The presence of poor Alexy who is talking to you! Once you start listening to him, he tells you that Peggy isn’t doing too well… You decide to go talk to her.

      ➜      Objective:  Talk to Peggy about her last article.

To unlock the dialogue with Peggy, you have to talk to Armin. Once you find her, you talk about the article based on Deborah’s ‘false’ recordings. It seems that the journalist has a few regrets...

      ➜      Objective:  Walk around again to unlock a new dialogue.

You meet Nathaniel who brings you some bad news: if Castiel skips class one more day, he will be kicked out of school! You have to tell him, but how? Lysander already went home and you don’t know the guitarist’s address… This mission seems quite impossible.

      ➜      Objective:  Go to the courtyard to go home.

Go to the courtyard to be automatically sent to the town.

✔ Go to the park or the café before going home.

You can meet either Kentin or Armin. These meetings (if you answer correctly and have the right LOM) will unlock two different objectives: Go to the park or Go to the café. After that you just need to go home.

✔ Go home.

When you arrive in front of your place, you are lucky and run into Castiel. He promises to come tomorrow. Go home to finish the day. The next day at school and new objective will be unlocked.

      ➜      Objective:  Go see Rosalya and Castiel.

Rosalya and Castiel are in a classroom. After a short discussion, you are surprised by Peggy.

✔ Leave the room.

While leaving, you meet Nathaniel, he tells you that the principal wants to have a meeting with Castiel as soon as possible about his absences. Smells like trouble! You have a short argument with him and you realize something. 


Yes… A Sweet Amoris without a Castiel and Nathaniel who hate each other is just well… impossible!

After this, you worry about the future of your friend guitarist!

      ➜      Objective:  Ask Castiel what the principal told him.

While walking, you see Rosalya who asks (tells) you to go shopping with her after class. After you find Castiel, you leave to go find Rosalya.

P A R T 2: 

A new look for a new life

      ➜      Objective:  Go to the courtyard to join Rosalya.

Once you are in the courtyard, you automatically leave the school to go to the city. Rosalya is waiting for you. You have the choice to either go to town by bus or on foot!

✔ Go to the Clothes Shop in the game with Rosalya.

You start by buying a cute chocolate colored lingerie set that Rosalya thinks suits you perfectly. Then Rosalya offers to give you a makeover depending on which guy you want to please. You can choose between: Armin, Castiel, Nathaniel, Lysander and Kentin. At the end of the day, you promise Rosalya to wear the new cloths the next day, then you head home to sleep.

✔ Go home.

You automatically return to the school the next day. Once you arrive, you unlock a bunch of objectives.


Three outfits for your five suitors...

      ➜      Objective:  Unlock a dialogue with each of the boys.

(This objective is not visible in the list of “My Objectives” during this episode, it was just added to this guide for your information)

✔ Unlock a dialogue with Castiel.

✔ Unlock a dialogue with Nathaniel

✔ Unlock a dialogue with Lysander

✔ Unlock a dialogue with Armin

✔ Unlock a dialogue with Kentin

To validate your objectives, you must simply talk with the boys, who can be found in the school. Each will tell you what they think of your outfit. Know that your outfit won’t make everyone happy, but it will show you who the eventual rival of the guy of your choice is.

      ➜      Objective:  Walk around again to unlock a new dialogue.

You catch Rosa and Nathaniel talking but you don’t really know about what… And they decide to keep it a secret.

      ➜      Objective:  Unlock a new sequence.

Make a few steps and after a monologue you will go directly to the city. You are curious and want to investigate on what Nathaniel and Rosa were talking about.

      ➜      Objective:  Go into town to find out more about Nathaniel.

You run into Nathaniel in front of your place, and he has a whole new look! Their secret was just a makeover session! After a short discussion about the change, you decide to go home.

✔ Go home.

Enter your apartment to complete this objective.

P A R T 3: 

The Raving Rabbids' Show

      ➜      Objective:  Go to the high school to unlock a new dialogue.

It’s a new day and while walking in the school you meet Boris and Faraize. They are carrying big boxes and are heading towards the end of the hallway then upstairs… You decide to follow them.

✔ Go to the staircase.

✔ Go upstairs.

You discover a new room: The Science Lab. You also discover the what is in the boxes: cute little bunnies! You leave the room and return to the hallway..



      ➜     Objective:  Go downstairs and back to the hall.

In the halls, you see Peggy who tells you why there are little bunnies in school. She asks you to follow her to a ‘calmer’ room.

✔ Follow Peggy to Classroom B.

To your surprise, the ‘calm’ is transformed into a huge group: your whole class is there! Apparently, the rabbits are here for you to dissect…It’s horrible! You and your classmates decide to free the rabbits, no matter the costs!

      ➜     Objective:  Go back to the Science lab with the boys.

Just go to the new room, you’ll find Nathaniel and Armin.

      ➜     Objective:  Go to the courtyard to hand over the rabbits to the other students.

With a rabbit in your arms, you find the other students outside the school. They decide to set the rabbits free in the park. During this time, return to get the missing rabbits.

      ➜      Objective:  Go back to see the girls at school.

You meet Peggy and Capucine who tell you all the rabbits are safe. But your instinct tells you that something is wrong...

✔ Unlock a new dialogue.

You decide to back track, and you meet the guy of your choice… Or his rival. You learn that one of the rabbits was forgotten in the science lab. You decide to accompany the boy.


Who will you be with?

      ➜      Objective:  Go to the science classroom with the boy you are with.

The objective will validate when you are in the room. A scene will be unlocked and you will leave with the last rabbit.

✔ See how things evolve.

En route, you run into Mr. Faraize, who seems quite stressed. Then you see Peggy who tells you that the rabbits weren’t really going to be dissected but just for a simple study. After talking with several students, you decide to go to the teacher’s lounge to explain what happened to Mr. Faraize and to apologize… Again.

      ➜      Objective:  Go to the teachers' lounge.

After a few steps, you meet Mr. Faraize accompanied by the principal who takes the news surprisingly well!

      ➜      Objective:  Unlock a final dialogue to finish the episode.

Now it’s time to finish the episode, take a few steps and that is it!

That’s the end of this guide!

See you for episode 19!

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


Note: Affinity level will drop if you pick Castiel/Armin’s date outfit.

Y-Yeah... I wanted a change.

  • A. You look nice! I like the idea for your tie! +
  • B. Phew! You finally got rid of those horrible pants! =
  • C. Oh no! You were much better before... -

Careful, he’s running towards you!

  • A. (Move to the right) (Illustration) =
  • B. (Move to the left) =


...And why are you looking at me like that?

  • A. Did you buy your new clothes on sale? =
  • B. I wasn’t expecting to see you with new clothes, that’s all... +
  • C. You finally threw out your horrible brown jacket? -

No... She just said that it’s in my records and that she promised to tell my parents at the next teacher-parent meeting. I also have a detention, but I don’t know if I’m going to go.

  • A. Don’t be an idiot, you have to go! - -
  • B. Admit that you went looking for trouble this time... + +

I change clothes, then you… If I run into a wall, will you follow me?

  • A. No, run into a wall on your own. +
  • B. Rosalya made me get new clothes. -

Great, I’m locked in the science room with a little girl and a rabbit!

  • A. Pass your bad mood on to someone else! (Illustration) =
  • B. Castiel, please... I’m locked in too. =


Note: If you don’t pick Lysander’s date outfit, his affinity will drop. Picking Lysander’s date outfit will increase affinity level.

If I was absent, would you worry about me as much?

  • A. Of course! Even more! +
  • B. That depends on the circumstances. =
  • C. Not as much no. -

*whisper* Is it a teacher?

  • A. Maybe! We should hide! =
  • B. No, I don’t think so, it must be a student coming to help us. (Illustration) =


(Illustration is automatic if you go with Kentin to the science room)

Do you want to continue your walk with me? We could go to the park near your place!

  • A. If you want! (More dialogue) =
  • B. Well, I’ve been outside for a while now. I think I’d rather go home. =

I don’t understand why you are always talking about how pitiful I was before.

  • A. You weren’t pitiful! =
  • B. I like to make you suffer. +

Sorry, I didn’t even notice, so I don’t really know what to say.

  • A. Just tell me if you think I look pretty! +
  • B. Don’t worry, I didn’t buy the clothes for you anyway. =


Yeah, of course! They are dark and make superstitious people uncomfortable. Plus, when they caw, they at least make a real noise!

  • A. They scare me... =
  • B. I find the cawing of a crow more annoying than a bird. -
  • C. Yeah, it’s true that their black feathers are very beautiful. +

Yeah, but games are expensive! But I can still offer you a glass of lemonade!

  • A. OK! Let’s go then! =
  • B. No, I would prefer not to, I’m going home. =

Are you serious?

  • A. Do I look like I like ribbons? +
  • B. What? It’s cute... -

You’re cute like that!

  • A. So, I’m not usually cute?! +
  • B. Shoot, it wasn’t you would I wanted to please... =

  • A. I’d like to play too! (Illustration) =
  • B. Can we play together? =


Tell her that you aren’t mad at her!

  • A. But I am! =
  • B. Alright... But it’s just to make you happy. =
  • C. She should already know that, right? =