Pseudo SallyAnne
Name Orlane
Sex Female Female
Age -
Birthday -
Sign Aries Aries
Professional statistics
Game Creation Position RETIRED - Writer of My Candy Love/ Amour Sucre
Site Rank Normal Memeber / RETIRED - Lov'Admin

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ChiNoMiko announcement Sallyanne

ChiNo's original announcement

Amour Sucre Profile

October 16th, 2014 - SallyAnne was officially and publically demoted from her position as a scriptwriter at Beemoov. 

"Hello, As you all have realized, we have fallen behind in the output of the episodes and we would like first for you all to forgive us.

SallyAnne, who worked together with me on the scenarios did not come to work at Beemoov for almost 1 month. Despite several reminders of the entire team and Beemoov. Unfortunately she has left us and did not transfer the work she had done so far on episode 23 of Amour Sucré…

All of the the team is sincerely sorry to announce that the next episode is going to suffer a significant delay because we have to take the episode back to zero.

However, remain positive!!! We have already recruited a new writer who joined us on Monday.

We are making every effort possible to reduce this waiting and come out quickly with the new episodes! A new work process will also be set up shortly to get a real consistency in the release of new episodes in the future.

Thank you very much for your patience and your understanding. We have not forgotten you and there will be a few surprises and improvements as soon as possible! <3"

-ChiNoMiko via Amour Sucré


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