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Episode 12 - Snooping Around

QuotationM1 After the orienteering race everything is back to normal at Sweet Amoris! Well...almost, lots of surprises to come! QuotationM2

Snooping Around is the 12th episode of My Candy Love. It was originally released on December 4th, 2012. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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This episode starts off with ChiNoMimi explaining to your Candy how illustrations will be obtained since it's a little different than usual. Once she leaves, the episode picks up with Mrs. Shermansky yelling at your Candy and her orientation race partner for the mishap of getting lost in Episode 11. Your Candy has the option of blaming her partner, saying it was her fault, or staying quiet. Either way, the principal is still very angry and says how Mr. Faraize was looking for them for hours in the forest. She demands that they apologize to him and to assist him if he needs help with anything. Your Candy and the boy she was partnered with agree, and the principal irritably dismisses them. Once they leave the room, they part ways for the time being and your Candy goes off to find Mr. Faraize. When she meets up with him, she apologizes for what happened even though he's not angry at all. She then asks him if he needs help with anything, and he actually needs some help tidying up the Teacher's Lounge. When the two arrive, your Candy cleans up a few things and Mr. Faraize thanks her. They then part ways, and your Candy wonders who won, since she got lost in the orientation race. When your Candy runs into Armin, he mentions how he's heard about her getting lost and how it's better to stay indoors. Your Candy wonders who won, and he doesn't know since he was more interested in your Candy getting lost. She then runs into Violette, who is lost in thought, so she decides to check in with her later. As your Candy talks to other students, apparently, everyone is more interested in your Candy getting lost rather than who won the orientation race. After asking people about the race, your Candy runs into a very angry Amber. The winner of the orientation race was actually Amber, but because your Candy getting lost in the woods is what everyone else is interested in, no one seems to notice Amber's victory, which upsets her. At asking Amber how she won, she admits she cheated. Amber mentions getting payback eventually before leaving in a huff. Your Candy, however, is in a good mood for annoying Amber without even meaning to.

Your Candy then sees Violette and Alexy talking, and Violette's face is very red. Your Candy is curious and wonders what they're talking about. Alexy then leaves, and your Candy decides to ask Violette what was going on. Violette seems down, and when asked, admits that she has a crush on Alexy. She's too shy to talk to him, though, and your Candy can either help Violette tell Alexy her feelings or she can stay out of it. If your Candy chooses to help, Violette is very happy. Your Candy tells her to wait while she goes talk to him, and she goes off to find Alexy. First she runs into Armin, who asks her what she's up to. When your Candy mentions she has something to say to his brother, Armin guesses it's a declaration, and she's surprised he was right. He was only guessing, though, and is surprised your Candy likes Alexy romantically, although she's quick to tell him it's for a friend. Armin then wants your Candy to tell him how it goes while he's laughing. Your Candy is confused, but agrees, before leaving. Once she finds Alexy, the first thing he mentions is how he heard about your Candy getting lost at the orientation race. Your Candy is unsure of how to go about asking Alexy about his feelings for Violette, though luckily Alexy brings up how Violette had been acting odd earlier. Your Candy takes this as a chance to mention how Violette had something to say to him, but was too shy, and Alexy thinks it's cute. When your Candy asks if he likes her, he says he likes her because she's nice. He also likes your Candy since she was one of the first girls he talked to. Your Candy then mentions how Violette likes him a lot, and Alexy asks how much, in which she says how Violette is romantically interested in him. Alexy says there's one problem: she's not his type. Alexy says how none of the girls at the school are his type and he prefers someone more muscular. Your Candy realizes Alexy is gay, and wonders to herself why the nicest guys never like girls. Alexy hopes Violette will be okay, and your Candy reassures him that everything will be okay. Alexy is determined to still be close friends with Violette and even wants to buy her a dress. Once Alexy leaves, your Candy thinks back and now knows why Armin was laughing earlier. Since Alexy has gone off to talk to Violette, your Candy decides to go find Armin. When she finds him, he can tell by the look on her face how the declaration went. When asked about his preference, Armin mentions that he does't have the same taste as his brother.

When your Candy parts ways with Armin, she sees Castiel and Lysander talking while looking very serious. She decides to get closer to hear what they're saying, and she's surprised when Lysander says something more intimate to Castiel. Before she can hear more, Iris interrupts her by saying how the principal wants to see her. Your Candy tells Iris that she'll see her later since she's busy, but once she looks to see the boys again, they're already gone. Your Candy begins to worry Lysander and Castiel may be gay, just like Alexy. While she's deep in thought, Iris is still being ignored. She finally lets Iris know that she went to see Mr. Faraize so she can tell the principal for her. She then asks Iris if Lysander and Castiel are a couple, and Iris laughs at the thought; thinking she's kidding. Your Candy goes off to investigate the relationship between Castiel and Lysander by asking others about them. She runs into Boris along the way, who says how he's been recruited as the school's new gym teacher after his involvement with the orientation race. He also mentions how his nephew, Dakota, left for now, but will most likely visit during his next vacation. Boris then says how they've organized a basketball game for the boys, but Lysander still hasn't shown up to get his uniform. Your Candy volunteers to go find him since she wants to talk to him about Castiel anyways. She goes around the school asking people if they've seen Lysander. Nathaniel is already in his uniform for the basketball game and when your Candy shows interest in the game, he responds a bit coldly before leaving. Your Candy knows something isn't right with him and hopes to find answers about it. Castiel is also in his uniform, and your Candy feels unsure about asking him about the relationship between him and Lysander. After some banter, the two parts ways and she runs into Peggy. She wants to know the story about your Candy getting lost at the orientation race, and your Candy can choose to tell her or not. Once she leaves, she finds Lysander, who still isn't in his uniform. Your Candy reminds him about the basketball game and he tells her that he'll go change, but he only intends to do the warm ups and not the whole game. Now that all the boys have gone to the gym for the basketball game, your Candy thinks back to Lysander's tattoo and decides she'll go to the Locker Room to see it. Even though she has a feeling it's a poor decision, your Candy is too curious and wants to see the tattoo. At the sound of someone entering the locker room, your Candy hides in one of the lockers. Curious, your Candy peaks through the locker to see who it is, but she can't see the boy's face. All she can see are large bruises on the boy's back, and she's surprised to see it's Nathaniel. Your Candy comes out of the locker by reflex, and Nathaniel is both surprised and upset. Nathaniel is angry your Candy would spy on people, especially since she saw the marks on his back. Once he leaves, your Candy can choose to tell others about the bruises or keep it to herself. When she runs into Lysander, he mentions how Nathaniel seemed upset and that he knows she was trying to see his tattoo. He's surprised she'd go through all the trouble just to see his tattoo and if your Candy is close enough to him, he'll take her to the locker room and show her his tattoo.

As your Candy wonders the hallway she runs into Melody, who is looking for Nathaniel since they're suppose to do something together. Your Candy mentions that she saw him in the locker room, and Melody questions why she was in the locker room.Your Candy can choose to tell the truth or lie. Melody then mentions how she has feelings for Nathaniel, but he rejected her. The two part ways,and your Candy thinks about if Melody doesn't know what happened to Nathaniel to get the bruises, maybe Amber does. At the moment, Amber shows up and tells your Candy to move out of the way. Your Candy says how she needs her helps and how she stumbled upon Nathaniel and saw something shocking. She wants to know what happened to him, but Amber says she doesn't know what she's talking about. Your Candy then says she saw the marks on his back, and although Amber is a little shocked as to how your Candy saw her brother's back, she won't spill any information. She does mention giving your Candy a hint, however, as to how to get her to talk. Amber wants a phone at the Dollar Shop that's too expensive for her to buy and if your Candy gets it for her, she'll tell her about her brother. Your Candy feels she has no choice and she goes off to buy the phone. Once she has it, she returns to Amber and gives it to her. Amber says how the bruises on Nathaniel's back came from home, and that's all she says. Your Candy thinks that the marks most likely came from a member of his own family, and she feels sorry for him. She runs into Nathaniel, who still looks mad, and when she mentions how she talked to Amber and asks if he wants to talk about it, but he would prefer it if she left him alone. She hopes he'll tell her about it someday, but he only tells her to think he fell down the stairs and to leave it at that. Nathaniel then leaves, in which your Candy is relieved he's a little calmer now. Your Candy then sees Lysander and Castiel together again. Lysander is having more intimate dialogue with Castiel again, and your Candy is spotted by them before she can leave. Although hesitantly, your Candy asks them about the words they were speaking and Castiel replies that Lysander was reading him new lyrics for their next song. She confesses she thought it was something else, and the two boys are unsure of what to think. Once they leave, your Candy is relieved it wasn't what she thought it was and admits to herself she was scared. If your Candy is close enough to Castiel he'll approach her again and they'll share a brief moment together before he leaves. Your Candy then runs into Armin and if she grabbed the video game off the stairs earlier, she can return it to him. He'll then start playing it, in which your Candy can talk to him or stay quiet. Once your Candy leaves the room, she runs into Melody, who is worried about Nathaniel since his thoughts are elsewhere. Your Candy reassures her that he'll be okay before she goes into detail about them organizing a new event since the race didn't go so well. They're not sure what to do as of yet, but your Candy is confident they'll figure it out. Melody then leaves and your Candy thinks about what they could do for a new event. After looking back on how Lysander was writing a new song, Your Candy thinks maybe they could put together a concert at the school for the event. She decides to go find Lysander to talk to him about it, but before she can leave, she stumbles upon Amber kissing a boy in the middle of the hallway.

Quest Items

Image Objective How to Get
Video Game
Video Game
Needed to unlock Armin's illustration In the staircase after Amber asks you to buy the phone.

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Locker Room
• Gift: Smartphone


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 12!

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters(LOM) with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : Introduction

PART 2 : Alexy’s revelation

PART 3 : What the...

PART 4 : Clearing things up


P A R T 1: 


For this episode, there are 6 illustrations available, two are automatically unlocked during the episode.

You are back at school, in the teachers’ lounge, getting yelled at by the principal. She is holding you responsible for the failure of the race, and your punishment is to help Mr. Faraize if he needs it. Seeing as you want to live, you don’t argue with her.

      ➜      Objective: Go see Mr. Faraize to apologize

Mr. Faraize is in one of the rooms in the school. When you find him, he will tell you that the race was supposed to finance another project and that finally not enough money was made, which explains why the principal is angry. About your punishment, he just asks you to clean up the teachers’ lounge.

      ➜      Objective: Go to the main hallway to go to the teachers' lounge

Once you are in the main hallways, go to the teachers’ lounge. You need to pick up three objects.


/!\ You will automatically return to the teachers' lounge until you've picked up all the articles. /!\

      ➜      Objective: Find out who won the race

Once you've cleaned the room, you decide to find out who won the race. To figure this out you need to talk to Castiel, Nathaniel, Lysander and Armin. Then, you will be able to discover who won the race in the main hallway.

You will then meet Violette who will talk to you about Alexy.

P A R T 2: 

Alexy’s revelation

Violette has a crush on Alexy, but she is too shy to talk to him about it. She asks you to talk to him for her. You can either refuse and let her deal with it herself, or help her and go talk to Alexy.

Choice 1: Help

will allow you to gain some LOM with Alexy and Violette

      ➜      Objective: Go see Alexy to talk to him about Violette

You will find Alexy in the gardening club, after having talked to Armin. When you talk to him about Violette, he will be a bit bothered before telling you that he doesn’t like her like that, and that he will never be able to. When you insist, he will reveal to you that he likes....boys! He decides to go talk to Violette himself. Surprise, you decide to go see Armin, like he asked.

Here is where you return to the regular story

Choice 2 : Don’t Help

You neither win nor lose anything

      ➜      Objective: Try to find out how Violette's declaration evolved

Curiosity gets ahold of you and you want to know what happened with Violette. You need to ask her on your own once she’s made her declaration. She tells you that Alexy said no, while remaining discreet. You go seem him to get some more information.

      ➜      Objective: Go talk with Alexy

Once you've found Alexy (you need to have spoken to Armin beforehand) He will tell you that he isn’t against Violette, but that simply he likes...boys!


You can check that off your list!

Surprise, you let him go and then remember what Armin had asked you before. You decide to go see him.

You now come back to the normal story.

P A R T 3: 

What the...

      ➜      Objective: Ask Armin for some more information about his brother

Armin jokes around a bit, then talks more seriously about his brother. Alexy has never liked girls, and it will (alas) never change. You get the information you need and then leave. You stumble upon Castiel and Lysander. They don’t see you and continue their conversation as if everything was normal. You hear Lysander whispering sweet words to Castiel. After what you just heard from Alexy, you are a little scared. Iris distracts you...and before you know it, the boys have left.

It couldn’t be true. You must clear up the situation! You meet Boris who asks you for help.

      ➜      Objective: Figure out what is going on between Castiel and Lysander!

You can validate this objective later in the episode..

      ➜      Objective: Remind Lysander that he has to go to the gym.

You need to either accept or refuse the interview with Peggy and have talked to Castiel to find Lysander. once that is one, you will remind him he has to go to the gym, and you decide to follow him to see his tattoo. You hide in the lockers and someone comes in to change.

You automatically unlock the first illustration.

You cannot see who it is, but the marks on their back are visible. Without thinking, you come out of the locker to see who it is and get some explanations.

You can unlock a second illustration at this point. You need to have more than 50 LOM with Nathaniel.

Nathaniel is furious and you automatically lose LOM with him (normal though, anyone would be angry in that situation!), but don’t panic, you will be able to make up for it later in the episode.

Without any information about the marks on Nathaniel’s back, you decide to start an investigation.

      ➜      Objective: Try to find out if anyone has information on Nathaniel... or keep it for yourself.

You can either choose to talk to the others about what you saw...or not. Depending on your choice you will either raise or lower your LOM with Nathaniel afterwards.

Before talking to Melody, you will see Lysander who saw that Nathaniel was upset. Without talking about the bruises, you explain that you saw Nathaniel in the locker rooms.

At this point you can unlock the third illustration. For this, you will need more than 50 LOM with Lysander.

You then see Amber. You talk to her about Nath, and she proposes a deal: buy her the phone that she saw at the Dollar Shop and she will give you some info about her brother and the bruises on his back.

      ➜      Objective: Buy the telephone at the Dollar Shop and go back to the hallway


Once you have purchased the telephone, go back and give it to Amber. She tells you that he got the bruises at home, without any real specifics. This doesn’t help you very much, well at all really... but what is done is done, and you don’t have any other choice than to watch that pest leave with the telephone you just bought.

You now start the last part of the episode.

P A R T 4: 

Clearing things up

      ➜      Objective: Talk to Nathaniel

Unlock a dialogue with Nathaniel. If you talked to the other students about what you saw, your LOM will go down...a lot.

You will then find Lysander and Castiel who will explain their conversation earlier! The objective “Figure out what is going on between Castiel and Lysander!” will validate at this moment.

      ➜      Objective: Talk to Castiel

You can unlock a fourth illustration. You must have more than 50 LOM with Castiel.

Castiel is making fun of you and what you hear Lysander tell him earlier. This is time to have special moment with him!

      ➜      Objective: Talk to Armin

You can unlock a fifth illustration. You must have picked up the video game in the background and answered Armin correctly.

Armin lost his game. You can either give it to him and watch him play, or leave because you didn’t pick up the game and therefore don’t have it in your inventory.

      ➜      Objective: Talk to Melody

Thanks to Melody, you have a new idea to help the school make money! A concert! Only, you need the two main participants to agree : Castiel and Lysander. You need to find the latter (Castiel won’t take it very well) to talk to him about it.

As you go into the hallways, you see Amber and a boy that you don’t! You automatically unlock another and final illustration!

End of the guide!

See you for episode 13 !

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


A project by the teachers which will take place in a few minutes.

  • A. In a few minutes? Then you are running late! =
  • B. Why didn't I know about it? -
  • C. ...Why is it that every time a teacher needs something, you are in on it? -

As you can see, yes... For the basketball game.

  • A. Why weren’t the girls invited? -
  • B. Do you think I can come? =
  • C. I would have liked to participate too! =

A TATTOO?! You spy on boys getting undressed because of a TATTOO?! Who do you think is going to believe that?

  • A. N-No, actually, I’m lost... -
  • B. But it’s the truth... +
  • C. I’m not spying on anyone! -

I didn’t think you were capable of something like this...

  • A. I reacted without thinking... =
  • B. Chill out, I just saw your back! =
  • C. N-Nathaniel... I know I shouldn’t say anything but those marks on your back... Where are they from? -


Why didn’t you talk to him then?

  • A. Do I ask you questions? +
  • B. Because I didn’t have anything to say then. =
  • C. That would have been way too easy, right...! -

Actually, yes, I wanna know. What’s up with you?

  • A. (Change the subject) Actually, did you sleep well? +
  • B. (Invent an excuse) I was just wondering if you were doing to participate in the basketball game. -


He was near the gardening club. Why?

  • A. I have something to ask him. -
  • B. Just ‘cuse... for the fun of it. +

Oh yeah, he told me about it... I have to go change in the locker room then. I’ll just do the warm ups, I’m not really interested in the whole thing.

  • A. Yeah, you don’t really seem like the sporty type. +
  • B. It would do you some good to move around though! -

Just for my tattoo?

  • A. I’m sorry! I didn’t know it would end up like that... =
  • B. (Don’t say anything) (Illustration) =


Cool! You make me visit one of these four?

  • A. If you want! -
  • B. I do not prefer... -
  • C. You did not need it? +

That wouldn’t have been as fun!

  • A. It doesn’t bother you that your brother doesn’t like girls? -
  • B. I wasn’t expecting that at all, except... =
  • C. I thought YOU didn’t like girls... +

That’s when I see girls like you that I think he’s right not to be interested in you. The kind viper’s tongue, we do better. The only weird person in this school, it’s you.

  • A. I do not want to be bad! It’s just not common! =
  • B. (Do not add anything and from) =

Are you still looking for someone?

  • A. I have a lot of things to ask. =
  • B. They are lost without me, it’s not my fault! +
  • C. Have you seen him or not? =

That makes me think of characters in MMORGPs! Like the guy asking you to talk to the welder, but you are still obligated to talk to him to advance.

  • A. Characters? MMORPG? -
  • B. Yeah, it’s kind of like that. =

  • A. (Talk to him) (Illustration) =
  • B. (Continue watching him in silence) =


Yeah, but she’s not really my type!

  • A. Try at least! Violette is really nice... +
  • B. Oh yeah? Do you like another girl? =

Mrs. Shermansky

We were scared to death! Two students, getting lost in the forest when the path was well marked! What was going through your heads to do that?

  • A. (Say that it’s your teammate's fault) -
  • B. (Take responsibility) +
  • C. (Don’t say anything for now) =



  • In the scene where Candy hides in the locker room to see Lysander's tattoo, she first sees Nathaniel take off his uniform, which exposes the bruises on his back. Once she comes out from the locker to talk to him, Nathaniel is suddenly wearing his uniform again even though he was supposed to be changing out of it.