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Episode 23 - The House of Secrets

QuotationM1 It's time to go to Amber's house. This beautiful home may hide a secret... Will you be able to confirm your suspicions? Will you react and find an ally to help you? Will you know how to be discreet and avoid trouble? Uncover Nathaniel's secret in episode 23! QuotationM2

The House of Secrets is the 23rd episode of My Candy Love - High School Life. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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The episode begins with ChiNoMimi telling your Candy about the makeup box she could have bought in Episode 22. She tells your Candy that if she kept the makeup box, she could unlock new expressions that can be used in her closet. If she doesn't have the makeup box, she'll have to do an episode replay to get it if she wants it. Once ChiNoMimi leaves, the episode truly begins.

After convincing Amber to let her stay over her house in Episode 22, your Candy goes home and thinks about the situation. Her plan is to assess the situation with Nathaniel to see what his home life is like with his parents. She packs up what she needs for the sleepover and prepares to go to the high school, where Amber is suppose to be picking her up. Unfortunately, your Candy only has a pair of old pajamas and a dirty pair. To make sure she won't be harassed by Amber, your Candy decides to go buy a new pair. Lucia then enters your Candy's room asking what she's up to, in which your Candy gets startled and tells her mother to knock next time. Lucia is unsure about your Candy going out tonight since it was last minute just like Melody's sleepover in Episode 7. Your Candy insists she has to go because of a promise and she leaves to go get new pajamas. She goes into the Clothes Shop(in game) and runs into Rosalya, who asks her what she's up to. Your Candy tells her she needs to buy new pajamas and although Rosalya thinks she needs to get a nightgown, your Candy insists she just needs pajamas since it isn't the kind of occasion Rosalya is thinking. Rosalya shows your Candy two sets of pajamas, in which your Candy can choose either one. Your Candy tells Rosalya about the sleepover being with Amber and Rosalya demands she tells her everything that happens tomorrow. She then goes home to finish packing her bag and since Amber wouldn't go to her neighborhood since it isn't as high class, she has to go meet her at the high school. When she goes outside, your Candy runs into Castiel, who is bitter if your Candy made the agreement to distance herself from him. He's also walking Demon, who barks at your Candy. After some banter, your Candy leaves to meet up with Amber. She ends up waiting by the school for half an hour, but Amber doesn't show up and so she goes home to think up of a new plan. Lucia suddenly comes into your Candy's room again to tell your Candy that Amber is on the phone. Amber called to give your Candy her address and your Candy wonders how she got her phone number. She apparently got the number from Peggy and your Candy then wonders why Amber wasn't at the high school like originally planned. Amber response defensively and reminds your Candy that the sleepover is under her terms and not to abuse it. Amber then gives your Candy her address and tells your Candy to bring a gift before hanging up, so your Candy has to go buy a gift. Once your Candy buys some scented candles from the Dollar Shop, she goes to the bus station and has to pay $10 for a ticket.

When she arrives at the gates of Amber's home, your Candy notes how nice the house is before ringing the bell so she can enter. She's immediately met by Nathaniel, who is curious as to why your Candy is there and thinks maybe there's a problem. Your Candy tells him how Amber invited her over for a sleepover so they can make amends, and Amber is quick to interrupt her. She asks for the gift, in which your Candy gives her the candles, before Amber decides to show her around the house; all the while Nathaniel is still in shock. Amber first shows your Candy the entrance hall, which your Candy is impressed. Amber is pleased with your Candy's reaction and tells her she hasn't seen the best yet. Next they go to the dining room, which your Candy notes how there are a lot of windows. Amber shows your Candy the picture on the wall that was painted by a well-known artist, though she doesn't remember the painter's name. Next they go back to the entryway and up the stairs to the corridor of the first floor. This area overlooks Amber's room, Nathaniel's room, and the bathroom they share. The other set of stairs leads to the master's suite, in which Amber's tells your Candy not to snoop around her parent's room since she's notorious for being nosy. They then look at the bathroom and finally Amber's room. If your Candy tries to go into Nathaniel's room, the room is dark and Amber scolds her for not following her instead. Amber mentions how they'll be having dinner soon with her parents and although your Candy is nervous at the idea, she knows she has no choice.

When your Candy goes downstairs to the dining room, Nathaniel and Amber's parents are now home and their presence makes your Candy uncomfortable. Adelaide is the first one to greet your Candy and she just barely remembers your Candy's name. Francis then greets your Candy, as well, and mentions how it's nice to have other people over besides Li and Charlotte. Dinner will be served soon and the family is having lobster, which is something your Candy has never eaten before. You Candy has the option to help set the table or to see where Nathaniel is. If your Candy offers to set the table, she's told to go get Nathaniel so he can do it instead. Your Candy goes up to Nathaniel's room and is finally able to enter it with Nathaniel's permission. Nathaniel is curious as to why your Candy is at the house, but he has to go set the table before he can ask any more questions. Your Candy goes down to the dining room, as well, and she feels the tension in the room. Adelaide asks your Candy to pass her some vegetables, which your Candy does, but not before hitting against the table leg. Amber then crushes your Candy's foot under the table. As dinner goes by, Nathaniel gets scolded by Francis for having his elbows on the table, but your Candy notes how Amber texts throughout the whole meal without any reprimanding. Francis also is angry at Nathaniel for his change in clothing while Amber gets only positive attention. Francis then asks your Candy how she's enjoying the lobster, in which she replies how she likes it. The rest of the meal is eaten in silence and it's Nathaniel who serves everyone their dessert. Suddenly, Francis bangs the table angrily and yells at Nathaniel for forgetting the small spoon when setting the table. Your Candy is surprised Nathaniel's father would make such a scene over spoons and Francis apologizes to your Candy for Nathaniel's forgetfulness. Your Candy offers to help clean the dishes, but Francis tells her Nathaniel will do it, especially since he needs to have a talk with his son. Your Candy feels bad having to leave Nathaniel is such a tough situation, but she has to follow Amber out of the room.

In Amber's room, your Candy is given her sleeping arrangements, which consists of a duvet and a pillow. Amber tells her not to complain since she's still allowing your Candy to sleep in her room. After some banter, your Candy tries to come up with some small talk with Amber to ease the awkwardness. She asks Amber how long she's lived at her house, and Amber replies by telling her she's been there with Nathaniel since childhood. Amber isn't as cooperative after that, however, and so your Candy decides to go brush her teeth. In the hallway, your Candy hopes to hear what's going on between Nathaniel and his father, but they talk too low. If your Candy tries to go downstairs, she's stopped by Adelaide, who tells her to go back to Amber. After your Candy returns to Amber's room, she says how she forgot her toothbrush and Amber gets frustrated. She goes back to the bathroom to really brush her teeth and once she's done, she hears loud voices from the first floor. She overhears Nathaniel being yelled at by his father before she hears Nathaniel get hit. Your Candy stands petrified in the hallway before going back to Amber's room. Amber goes off to go to the bathroom, but she first notes how your Candy looks pale. Your Candy tells her what she heard and asks if it's normal, but Amber says that her parents are just strict and that it's fine. Your Candy decides to put on her pajamas and so does Amber, but she'll change in the bathroom since she doesn't want to see your Candy without clothes. Your Candy is still too shocked by what happened to Nathaniel earlier to hear Amber, though. If your Candy chose the fox pajamas, Amber will mock them by saying they're ugly. If she chose the blue pajamas, Amber has the same set except in yellow and will think your Candy is trying to get to her like when she dressed the same in Episode 4. Nathaniel gets annoyed by the noise and tells them to be quieter before leaving. Your Candy brings up the subject of the marks on Nathaniel's back and how she thinks Amber is lying about not knowing anything, but Amber tells your Candy how she only told her the marks were from home so she could get a new phone. Amber really seems like she doesn't know anything about the marks, so your Candy decides she'll have to go to the source: Nathaniel.

Amber goes to sleep and once she starts to snore, your Candy takes it as the best time to sneak away to see Nathaniel. She fears his reaction to her and wonders if he doesn't want her to see him in pajamas. After your Candy gets the courage, she knocks at Nathaniel's door and is able to enter. Nathaniel is surprised to see your Candy there and your Candy is surprised to see Nathaniel sleeps only in boxers. Your Candy tells Nathaniel how she has evidence that his father hits him and Nathaniel gets defensive. He then tells her to leave, but your Candy won't pretend she doesn't know the truth and won't act as if nothing happened. Nathaniel tells her it's complicated, but your Candy is ready to listen and hear him out. Nathaniel doesn't want to make any more trouble with his father then what he already has because of the already stressful situation at home. Francis has always provided for his family so that they could live a high class lifestyle until his job was taken by a young man right out of collage. Even with his experience, Francis' supervisor preferred the young man and Francis will be stuck in the same demoted position until the end of his career. Your Candy doesn't understand how Francis' career problems and Nathaniel are connected, although Nathaniel isn't entirely sure either. Nathaniel feels maybe his father pictures the young man who stole his position whenever he looks at him and he now demands Nathaniel to be perfect otherwise he gets punished. Your Candy feels it doesn't justify Francis' actions and wonders how Nathaniel can accept everything so easily. Nathaniel feels if he talked to anyone about the situation, it would only tear apart his family and would make them lose their home if his father went to prison. Your Candy also wonders why Amber and his mother don't do anything and if they even know what's happening. Amber doesn't know what's happening and thinks she pampered while Adelaide pretends not to know. Your Candy can't accept the situation and tells Nathaniel that no matter how she looks at it, it's abuse. Nathaniel tells your Candy he'll handle it and not to worry, but she can't help it. If your Candy bought the fox pajamas and says "I... N-Nath...", they share a moment together before he tells her to go to bed since they have school in the morning. He asks her to promise not to say anything about the situation, but your Candy leaves the room without making a promise. She then goes back to the bedroom, where Amber is still asleep. If your Candy chose the blue pajamas or chose a different answer, her and Nathaniel banter momentarily before she leaves the room. In the hallway she runs into Amber, who is wondering what she was doing in Nathaniel's room. She tells your Candy to come back to her room before her mother sees her since Adelaide has had insomnia and walks around at night. Amber and your Candy go back to her room and Amber falls asleep again. Your Candy, on the other hand, doesn't sleep well because of the poor sleeping arrangement and because she can't stop thinking about Nathaniel's story.

The next day, Amber is unable to come up with an excuse as to why your Candy should take the bus by herself so Francis drives your Candy, Nathaniel and Amber to the school to drop them off. The group doesn't get unnoticed by other students and Amber is quick to leave your Candy's side. Iris approaches your Candy and says how it's nice she made peace with Amber. Rosalya also wants to hear details about what went on with Amber, but your Candy tells her she'll talk later. Kim approaches your Candy to warn her not to let her guard down with Amber, and your Candy thanks her for the advice. Your Candy thinks maybe the whole school saw her and Amber together this morning since everyone is curious now. Your Candy also runs into Melody, who seems distant. She mentions how she saw your Candy arrive to school with Nathaniel and your Candy says how she slept at his house, which Melody assumes it means they're going out. Your Candy tells her it's not like that and that it was Amber who invited her, but Melody is still distant and leaves in a hurry. After walking around, your Candy sees Violette and Alexy, and she has the option to talk to one of them. Once done talking, your Candy parts ways with them and ends up running into Peggy, who has been looking for her. Peggy wants to know the scoop on why your Candy arrived to school with Nathaniel and Amber, but your Candy refuses to talk. Peggy tries to make your Candy stay, so your Candy gives her a false lead to get her off her back by saying Amber is paying her to do her homework. Peggy isn't completely convinced, but decides to look into it and your Candy goes back to looking for Amber. When your Candy finds Amber, she wants to talk to her about Nathaniel, but Amber acts bitterly toward your Candy. After a little while Amber finally loosens up and your Candy asks her what she thought of yesterday's evening, excluding any negativity about her since it's already been established that Amber didn't like having your Candy over. Your Candy asks her if she noticed anything abnormal occur between her father and brother, but Amber didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and the two part ways. Li and Charlotte mock your Candy for trying to get close to Amber, but your Candy only brushes off their comments since she doesn't want to join their group anyways. When entering the locker room, your Candy runs into Dakota, who is happy to see her again. Your Candy can either be disappointed to see him or happy at his arrival. After some banter, the boy your Candy is closest to shows up to intervene and feels jealous. Before things can become violent, your Candy tells Dake it's best for him to leave for now and he does what she asks. Your Candy then runs into Rosalya, who tells her that it isn't good to hold everything in because she looks distraught. Rosalya then tells your Candy that even if she doesn't want to talk to her about it, she should find someone to confide in so the stress isn't only on her. Your Candy knows Rosalya is right and decides to tell someone she knows she can trust about the situation with Nathaniel. Your Candy has the option to tell Castiel, Lysander, Armin, or Kentin everything about Nathaniel's situation. She then changes clothes while going home for lunch. Once changed, she goes off to find the boy of her choice. As she looks around for them she runs into other students along the way including Nathaniel, who wonders who your Candy is looking for. Nathaniel hints about hoping whatever your Candy is doing doesn't include the events from last night at his house and reminds her that it's not her business to involve herself in. Other boys your Candy run into will know your Candy has something on her mind but doesn't want to talk to them about it.

If your Candy chose to confide in Kentin (note: this summary currently comes from playing through and watching playthroughs using Kentin's route. I will update this once I've watched playthroughs of the other boys, as well), he first asks her if Dake has finally left, which your Candy isn't sure if he has. Kentin is still jealous at Dake's arrival, but he forgets about it when he notices your Candy doesn't look too good. Your Candy tells him that she needs to talk to him about something important and she begins by telling him about how she slept over at Amber's house. When your Candy mentions she went over her house to check on Nathaniel, Kentin accuses her of being in love with him, but your Candy is quick to defend herself. Your Candy then goes into the story of finding out Nathaniel had bruises on his back and when she tells him how she saw the marks because she was hiding in the locker room trying to see Lysander's tattoo, Kentin becomes jealous again. Your Candy tells the rest of her story of what occurred the night before and how she ultimately found out how Nathaniel's father beats him. Kentin feels your Candy should a teacher about it, but your Candy worries they wouldn't be able to help and in the end, nothing would get done. She also doesn't want the whole school to find out since it would both anger and embaress Nathaniel. Your Candy isn't sure what she should do, and Kentin panics and thinks they should call the police. If your Candy chooses to make him be quiet, she puts her hands over his mouth so no one would hear him. Once they've calmed down, she explains to him that the police can't help since Nathaniel would have to tell them what happens at home, which he wouldn't. Kentin suggests calling social services and even though it seems extreme, your Candy agrees that they probably have no other option. Kentin volunteers to stay with your Candy as she makes the call and she appreciates it. They then decide to find a place to make the call that is more private so no one overhears.

Peggy is still loitering around trying to find information on the lead your Candy gave her earlier, especially since she's starting to not believe it. The boy your Candy is with insists Peggy leave them alone, but this only further perks her curiosity. Peggy then gives them a sparkling look and tells the two of them to have fun before leaving. Finding a spot that's not in the public is difficult, but eventually your Candy dials up social services. She's put on hold and after awhile, she tells social services about Nathaniel's situation. In order to do anything they'll need proof, so a social worker needs to visit Nathaniel's home to scope things out. Before your Candy hangs up, the social worker explains to her how her identity would be kept a secret and the call wouldn't even show up on her phone bill. Your Candy tells the boy she's with how a social worker is going to check in on Nathaniel's family and how they're going to ask the family some questions. Now that it's late in the day, your Candy decides to go home since she would worry her parents being out two nights in a row. The boy your Candy is with decides to walk her home and your Candy feels better knowing someone else knows of Nathaniel's situation now. When they arrive at her house, your Candy thanks the boy she's with for walking her home and they banter momentarily before she goes inside. Once she's in her room, your Candy sits on the bed and reflects on the long day she's had. Her mother then enters the room and says how she looks busy, and your Candy lies by saying she has had a lot of school work. Lucia then wonders if the problems involves the boy your Candy walked home with, and your Candy wonders how she knew she walked home with a boy that day. Lucia had heard voices outside and peaked to see who it was. Your Candy tells her that her problem doesn't have to do with the boy she walked home with and even though Lucia tries to pry, your Candy tells her she has to do homework. Lucia leaves after reminding your Candy that she can tell her anything and your Candy agrees. The rest of the night your Candy is too pensive and even though her parents worry, they don't push the issue.

After a few days with nothing eventful occurring, your Candy begins to feel more relaxed. When she enters the school, Peggy confronts her immediately and tells her how Nathaniel and his family were summoned by the principal to have a meeting this morning. Peggy says how even though she can't hear how the meeting is going, things aren't going so well for Nathaniel. Peggy is obviously excited to have a plot for her next big story and even after asking for more information, your Candy still refuses to help her and goes off to find out what's going on with the meeting. As your Candy walks through the hallway to try listening to the meeting, she is confronted by an angry Nathaniel. Even though your Candy talked to social services for him, Nathaniel is still upset and feels she went too far. Nathaniel explains how social services came to his house and now even the school is involved, so the situation has gotten worse in his eyes. Now there's a chance his father will lose everything or even go to prison. Amber is confused and distressed with the situation and his mother won't even talk to his father. Your Candy tries to tell him she was trying to help, but Nathaniel brushes her off and tells her how social services can't do anything without proof and that they won't find any. Francis then approaches the duo and tells Nathaniel it's time to leave while giving your Candy a cold glare. The family departs from the school, leaving your Candy shocked and alone with tears in her eyes. Your Candy goes off to the Locker Room and slides down to the floor to let out her emotions, unaware the boy she is closest to saw the events that just took place. Your Candy tells him how Nathaniel was right to be angry with her since telling social services did nothing except to make things more complicated between Nathaniel and his father. The boy comforts your Candy by telling her that even though things look rough, that they did the right thing by calling social services and that hopefully things will work out for the best. Outside the Locker Room, Rosalya confronts your Candy about Nathaniel's situation and wonders why she didn't tell her about it. She overheard Nathaniel's outburst in the hallway, and your Candy tells her that she was trying to keep a low profile due to the events with Deborah. Rosalya feels hurt since she helped so much with the Deborah situation and your Candy admits that she should have told her earlier. Rosalya agrees that your Candy did the right thing to call social services for Nathaniel and your Candy is relieved Rosalya is still on her side. When your Candy runs into Amber, Li is wondering what secret Amber is hiding from her and Charlotte mentions how talking about it may help. Amber refuses to say anything, however, and storms off toward the door. Your Candy fears Amber will see her, but she can't escape the room in time. Amber looks at your Candy with tears in her eyes before running off, leaving your Candy feeling bad for her. Other students are curious as to what is going on with Nathaniel, and your Candy makes sure to keep quiet. Iris is also worried about why Nathaniel left early, but feels that if something bad happened that Mrs. Shermansky would let the school know even though your Candy knows this isn't the case.

A few days pass and Nathaniel doesn't show up for school. Your Candy fears his father is giving him a harder time than ever and is taking out his anger on his son for what your Candy had done. On her way home from school, your Candy fears running into Nathaniel or his father even though she feels she's being ridiculous. A silhouette startles your Candy, but it's only Armin. He comments on how paranoid your Candy seems to be and the duo part ways. When your Candy gets home, she's met with her mother, who can see the distraught look your Candy has. Lucia tells your Candy she knows something is wrong and your Candy says how it's complicated. Even if she doesn't say names, Lucia still wants to know what's going on so maybe she can help. While trying to explain the situation, your Candy makes things sound confusing and Lucia gets a little lost. Your Candy then tells her how the person she's talking about is being beaten by their father and how their friend told social services about it, but is now regretting getting involved. Lucia feels your Candy's "friend" did the right thing and that the person being abused will be thankful someday. Your Candy fears social services won't find anything and that calling them would have been for nothing. Lucia is still positive that something good will have come from your Candy's "friend" calling social services and that if her "friend" hadn't said anything, the person being abused could have been in danger had nothing been done. Your Candy then asks her mother what would happen if the person being abused's father came to talk to her "friend", Lucia replies by saying it would be stupid of him since social services is now watching him. In the end, your Candy is happy she talked to her mother about the situation even if she didn't fill her in with all the details.

The next day, your Candy goes to school feeling calmer about the situation. She's immediately met by Peggy, who wants all the details about the situation with Nathaniel and his parents. Your Candy feels it's not up to her to give any information, but Peggy continues to push the issue even though your Candy sticks to her story about helping Amber with her homework. Peggy doesn't believe your Candy's story, feeling it's too much of a coincidence she was at their house and how your Candy has a knack for creating disturbances at the school. Rosalya intervenes and is able to make Peggy leave, and your Candy is grateful to Rosalya for stepping in when she did. Rosalya reminds your Candy that she's there for her and then asks about if there's any news on Nathaniel. Your Candy doesn't know anything new and Rosalya suggests asking Amber. Since Amber must know your Candy had a role in all the events that have taken place, she doubts she would tell her anything. Rosalya still thinks it's their only bet and will also try to talk to Amber. She then tells your Candy that if she does find Amber first, to not do anything until she talks to her about it. Along the way of looking for Amber she runs into Alexy, who notes how it's been awhile since they've seen each other and wonders what your Candy has been up to. She can either tell him that she'll explain things later or tell him how she's involved in Nathaniel's sudden absence. Even though he's curious, Alexy respects your Candy's wishes to keep things on the low for now and wishes her luck. In the hallway, your Candy spots Li and Charlotte talking and decides to hide to hear what they're saying since they would never tell her where Amber is. Li mentions how she saw cops near Amber's house and Charlotte says maybe they were there just doing a neighborhood investigation. According to Li, Amber's father was taken away by the police and Amber sent Li away while telling her she wouldn't be at school today. Your Candy has heard enough and decides to leave before the two girls realize she's there. When your Candy runs into Rosalya, she says how she couldn't find Amber and your Candy tells her she's not at school today since the police went to her house to take her father away. Your Candy still feels bad for having things escalate as they have, but Rosalya reminds her that she did the right thing.

Your Candy would feel better if she knew how Nathaniel was doing and she wants to go to his house, but is too afraid to go alone. She can choose to ask Rosalya to accompany her to check up on Nathaniel or she can choose to go with a boy. If your Candy chooses to go with a boy, she parts ways with Rosalya and goes off to find the boy she confided in earlier. When she finds the boy she confided in earlier, she tells them how she wants to go check in on Nathaniel since his father was taken away by the police and even though they're hesitant, they agree to go. The duo leave school and go to the bus stop before they're finally able to get to Nathaniel's house. After ringing the doorbell, Adelaide appear and questions what your Candy wants in a stern manner. The duo ask if they can see Nathaniel, but Adelaide tells them that he's out with his father. When asked if it's okay to wait for him, Adelaide tells them that your Candy is no longer welcome at her house and to leave immediately. The duo ask to at least know is Nathaniel is okay, but Adelaide won't budge and tells them to leave again. Adelaide obviously won't allow your Candy near her son and closes the gate in front of them. Your Candy and the boy she's with banter momentarily before leaving Nathaniel's house.

The next day, your Candy goes back to school while still thinking about the situation. She had been thinking about it so much, she still hasn't been able to sleep well. While in thought, Rosalya approaches your Candy and tells her Nathaniel is back in school. Rosalya wanted to talk to him, but he was already being annoyed by Peggy. When your Candy runs into a few other students, she finds out that Nathaniel is acting unpleasant and distant. Your Candy finally ends up meeting with Nathaniel, who mentions how he was surprised she hadn't gone to see him sooner. He's still bitter about the situation and explains how the police took his father for questioning. Your Candy wonders if Nathaniel told them the truth, but he didn't because he didn't want his father to go to prison. Your Candy fears Nathaniel will continue to be mistreated now and she doesn't regret that actions she took to try helping him. Nathaniel then tells your Candy how the situation has affected his family since they depend so much on his father and if things did leak out, his father would lose his job. Your Candy asks him to at least make the effort to make his father understand that how he acted was wrong so that he'll no longer beat his son. Nathaniel does intend to try to make things work, but warns your Candy that he'll never forgive her for what she's done before he storms off. Rosalya asks your Candy if she got to talk to Nathaniel and your Candy explains how telling social services did nothing since Nathaniel didn't tell the police anything in order to protect his father. Rosalya is angry at Nathaniel's reaction, but your Candy tells her how he's trying to also protect his mother and sister, who would be lost without his father. She also tells Rosalya that Nathaniel is going to try talking to his father tonight and she hopes it will help.

The following day, your Candy is curious to see how the talk between Nathaniel and is father went, though she's also a little nervous to talk to him. Immediately she's approaches by Iris, who thinks something horrible has happened to Nathaniel. She tells your Candy he went toward the second hallway and your Candy goes to check things out. When your Candy finds Nathaniel, he now has a black eye and when asked what happened, he mentions how he tried to talk to his father. Before he can elaborate, he hears noises coming from Basement and he stops talking. Castiel emerges from the basement and tells the duo to keep it down so he can smoke in peace, and he makes a joke when he sees Nathaniel's black eye. Nathaniel leaves, but your Candy won't allow Nathaniel to go through this alone even though he wants to be left alone. She tracks down Nathaniel and asks him to talk to her with tears in her eyes. Nathaniel admits that his father went too far with him after trying to talk things out and obviously, things didn't work out well. Castiel then intervenes, which makes Nathaniel go on the defensive, and he mentions how he's come to come conclusions about what's going on. Castiel wants to talk to Nathaniel and in the end, he agrees and the two boys go off to talk. In the meantime, your Candy decides to go update Rosalya so she won't feel left out. Along the way she runs into Melody, who thinks Castiel is the one who hit Nathaniel. Your Candy defense Castiel and thinks to herself how Melody watches Nathaniel like Amber watches Castiel. She then runs into Iris, who warns your Candy that she shouldn't hang around since the principal is angry. Iris doesn't know what's going on and hopes not to get involved. Your Candy is then met with an extremely angry principal who is screaming at Peggy for hiding behind the couch in the Teacher's Lounge trying to get the scoop on Nathaniel. The principal gives Peggy 3 hours of detention and your Candy notes how luck runs out for everyone, even Peggy. When your Candy finds Rosalya, she tells her about Peggy getting detention before the subject of Nathaniel comes up. Your Candy tells her how Castiel is talking to him and the two hope that he'll be able to help. Your Candy is curious to know how things went with Nathaniel and Castiel, so she decides to go see how they're doing. Instead of finding Nathaniel with Castiel, she finds him with Amber instead. Amber tells Nathaniel that she doesn't understand the situation and he responds by telling her how their father must have known what he was doing was wrong. Amber wishes things would go back to the way they were, but Nathaniel is happy things are going to change since his life was far from easy before. Your Candy listens in on their conversation for awhile before the siblings part ways, and your Candy leaves before they can see her. When she runs into Castiel, she asks him if he was able to help Nathaniel come to a solution, which he replies he did, but notes how your Candy doesn't look so good. She has a feeling Nathaniel will be angry with her for a long time because of her involvement in the situation, though Castiel doesn't understand why he's be mad at her since it wasn't her fault Nathaniel's father beat him. Your Candy tells him about how she slept over at Amber's house to scope things out due to having suspicions that something wasn't right and after some banter, she asks him what he suggested Nathaniel do. Castiel says it's not his place to say and to give Nathaniel some time, but your Candy is still curious. Castiel tells her that Nathaniel will be safe if things work out and your Candy hopes he didn't suggest him to do anything illegal. Before they part ways, your Candy thanks Castiel for helping Nathaniel and he hopes someday she'll realize he's not so bad.

For the next several days, Nathaniel is still absent from school, though your Candy knows it'll take time for him to sort out his problems and the solution. When your Candy runs into Amber, she leaves immediately and your Candy knows Amber is having a hard time coming to terms with the situation and what ever Nathaniel's solution is. More days go by without Nathaniel's return, but Amber tells her friends that he'll be back soon and the news spreads. While in thought, Rosalya approaches your Candy and tells her that there's someone who wants to talk to her, in which the episode then ends. The end is followed up with the following warning:

"The topic of abuse is present in this episode in the context of a fictional story. Abuse, however, is a very serious and important issue. If you or someone you know suffers from abuse, don't hesitate to get help. In the Game & Forum Rules, abuse is a sensitive topic. In the forum we ask that you not share personal information relating to this topic, to check with a moderator before including any reference to abuse in fictional writings and avoid graphic descriptions in references to events in this episode."

Quest Items

Image Objective How to Get
Scented Candles
Buy a gift to bring to Amber as a "Host Gift" When prompted buy at the Dollar Shop for $35

Date Outfits

Date Outfit Episode 23 Fox Pajamas
Date Outfit Episode 23 Lysander
Date Outfit Episode 23 Kentin
Date Outfit Episode 23 Armin
For Nathaniel For Lysander For Kentin For Armin/Castiel
Dollars $80 Dollars $135 Dollars $150 Dollars $165

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Science Room
• Gift: Panda Onesie

Hidden Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Date Outfit Episode 23 Blue Pajamas
Buy this set instead of the fox pajamas. Costs $105. Buying this outfit will make you miss Nathaniel's illustration.
Scented Candles

Sceneted Candles
Take them from Amber/Nathaniel's bathroom when you go to brush your teeth.
(Dresser Item)
These can be used for subsequent playthroughs.


Episode Exclusive Backgrounds

Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 23!
(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1: A Secret

PART 2: Never Let Me Go

PART 3: Out of the Furnace




Note: These titles were inspired by the following works:

Un secret, Philippe Grimbert (2004) Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro (2005) Out of the Furnace, Scott Cooper (2013)



P A R T  1 A Secret


In this episode, you can unlock 5 different illustrations. You can obtain two at a time, as it depends on your answer and outfits, but also your L’o’M with the specific boy.

After making a pact with Amber, you’ve managed to be invited to her house. So, you have one night, just one, to try and discover Nathaniel’s secret.

       ➜      Objective: Go to the Clothes Shop! 

It’s out of the question to be embarrassed in front of Nathaniel and Amber. Before going to their house, you have to buy some new and beautiful PJs. Go to the Clothes Shop in town where Rosa will give you some advice...

Go home, then go wait for Amber in front of the school.

You need to prepare your things before meeting Amber.  Go home before going to the school to meet Amber.

Go back to your apartment.

It looks like Amber stood you up… You can just go back home, you don’t know her address anyway.

       ➜      Objective: Buy a gift for Amber at the Dollar Shop before taking the bus. 

Of course, Amber isn’t going to make things easy for you… She really isn’t excited about the idea of you coming to her house. You’ll be able to take the bus after you purchase something for your host at Louis’ shop in the city.

       ➜      Objective: Visit the house. 

Amber decides to take you on a tour of the house; it’s another occasion for her to show off a bit. After having seen all the rooms, you will have the ultimate privilege of greeting Nathaniel’s parents in the dining room. ^^

Go tell Nathaniel to set the table before dinner..

You have to go get Nathaniel in his room. This is the perfect moment to explain what you are up to with his sister… Or not! Go back to the dining room to eat.

Spend time with Amber.

It’s impossible to talk with Nathaniel for now. You have to settle with talking to Amber in her room.

Try to listen in on Nathaniel and his dad.

You try and hear parts of the conversation between Nathaniel and his dad, but his mom clears area near the stairs. All you can do is return to Amber’s room.

Go to the bathroom.

You have to brush your teeth before you can unlock the rest of the story.

       ➜      Objective: Put your pyjamas on and ask Nathaniel for some explanations.

You’ll have to wait until Amber is asleep to go talk to Nathaniel discreetly. You have the possibility to unlock an illustration with the handsome president. To do this, you have to have a high enough L’o’M with him, but also have the right PJ set and choose the correct dialogue.

Go back to sleep in Amber's room.

After hearing Nathaniel’s confession, it’s time to sleep… Will you get caught by Amber?

/!\Once night falls, an object appears in one of the rooms of the house. You can collect it to put on your dresser!



P A R T  2 Never Let Me Go


       ➜      Objective: Walk around the school, you may have an unexpected meeting!

You must talk to several students to validate this objective: Peggy, Iris, Melody… But it’s only after seeing Ambre that you will have this “unexpected meeting”. Rendez-vous in the locker room!

       ➜      Objective: Walk around the school to collect your thoughts.

After a discussion with Rosa, you come to a conclusion… What you discovered at Nathaniel’s house is a much too heavy secret to carry alone. You have to talk to another boy about it. It’s up to you to choose your confident! Castiel, Lysander, Armin or Kentin? Before talking to the guy you choose, you will have to choose an outfit. Don’t choose the wrong one, as the correct outfit will allow you to unlock an illustration.

       ➜      Objective: Confide in one of the boys about Nathaniel.

You must meet each guy before finding the one you are looking for. 

Find somewhere calm to call social services.

You make the call to social services from somewhere in the school, unless you are with Lysander. If that is the case, you will have to leave the school to find a public phone to make the call. You can find one at the café. This is when you can unlock the illustration! But be careful to make the correct dialogue choices...

Go home..

Depending on your dialogue choices, your confident may bring you home! Take advantage of this moment to raise your L’o’M with him!



P A R T  3 Out of the Furnace


       ➜      Objective: Go see what is going on. !

Nathaniel is back at school! You’ll find him in Hall 2. 

       ➜      Objective: Go someplace to be alone.

To validate this objective, you must go to the basement or the locker rooms. The boy in whom you confided will come console you.

Get the other student's reactions before going home.

Before you can go home, you will catch a conversation between Amber, Li and Charlotte. You will then run into Iris. After this, you can go home before coming back to school. You will have to go to the main hallway to talk to Peggy and Rosa.

       ➜      Objective: Try to find Amber.

Go back to Nathaniel's house to see how he is doing.

While looking for Amber, you overhear a conversation between Li and Charlotte. You decide to go to Nathaniel’s house to see how he is. You can go with Rosa(you automatically leave the school) OR you can go back with the boy you confided in previously to try and raise your L’o’M with him (go to Hall 2 to leave the school). Now, you just have to take the bus!

       ➜      Objective: Talk to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel is back at school! Before you find him, you will have to talk to Alexy, Kim and Melody (look at the gardening club, upstairs or in classroom A). Nathaniel is in classroom B. After, you will talk to Rosa then return to the main hallway to unlock the rest of the story.

       ➜      Objective: Nathaniel had a discussion with his father. Try to find out more.

Something bad happened to Nathaniel, you have to find him. Castiel intervenes and Nathaniel gets away. You’ll find him in classroom B or in the student council room.

Talk with Rosalya.

To find Rosa, you will have to find Iris, then the principal.

       ➜      Objective: Investigate to find out more about Castiel's plan.

Castiel seems to have found a solution to Nathaniel’s problem. You can talk to him about it in the staircase, but you will first have to overhear a conversation between Nathaniel and Amber.

       ➜      Objective: Find the boy you confided in during the episode before going to the courtyard.

Find your confident, then go to the courtyard to finish the episode.

That’s the end of this guide! See you for episode 24 !

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


Are you going to tell me what you are doing here?

  • A. I told you, Amber and I are starting off on a new terms! -
  • B. Maybe I wanted to spend some time with you... (more discussion) =

Or maybe not!

  • A. I swear to you, it’s true. -
  • B. My intentions aren’t bad, you know me! =


  • A. So...? =
  • B. I came to find you... Your parents want you to come set the table. -

It wasn’t that bad.

  • A. It’s not nothing either... =
  • B. I-I... Nath... (45+ affinity, Illustration)

I was just thinking that it was strange you hadn’t come to see me yet.

  • A. Did you finally understand that it’s because I care about you? = (- low L'o'M)
  • B. You were waiting for me? -


Excuse me, Miss. Normally, my son knows how to properly set a table.

  • A. He doesn’t deserve for you to get angry at him like that, though... -
  • B. It’s okay... =


What a scaredy-cat... He was just saying hi.

  • A. Y-Yeah, but he could have jumped on me! =
  • B. Uh. Well, he is scary when he barks! +
  • C. He didn't scare me, you did! -

If you don’t want us to see each other anymore, stop following me!

  • A. I can’t help it that you are always where I want to go. +
  • B. I regret having told you that... -

So that’s the info of the day? Mr. Student President got a little spanking by his dad? Ha ha! That’s a good one!

  • A. (This time he’s gone too far, he doesn’t have the right to laugh at such a situation!) (Illustration)
  • B. (He didn’t understand anything, I regret having told him.) =

Do you want me to say with you?

  • A. I-I can do it on my own. Don’t bother. +
  • B. I would like that. If I stay alone, I might back down. -

I always knew you were mamma’s girl...

  • A. You know what she has to say to you, this mamma’s girl? -
  • B. Pfff... +

Don’t get to upset for now. Let things happen.

  • A. I’ll try. +
  • B. That’s impossible. =

Do you have a problem?

  • A. Uh, no, no. =
  • B. Yeah, but I don’t really want to talk about it. -

Don’t tell me you would invite her to a pajama party.

  • A. I’ll think about it. +
  • B. Can you stay serious for two minutes? =


I guess both of us are on the wrong path together. Do you want to go with me?

  • A. Yes, of course! =
  • B. No thank you, I prefer to go alone. =

You look pensive today.

  • A. Oh, yeah? -
  • B. I have a few issues... +

And you shouldn’t have to take care of things alone. I’ll be there to help you.

  • A. I don’t know how to thank you... = (+ or)
  • B. Are you sure? You don’t have to, you know.

I’ll make the call. I don’t think you need to take on another responsibility.

  • A. No, that’s nice of you, but I should be the one to do it. =
  • B. I... Okay. (Illustration)

Even if the assistant doesn’t find anything, maybe Nathaniel will talk about his problems.

  • A. Maybe... =
  • B. I doubt it.

I’m sorry, but I have to go. It will be dark by the time I get home.

  • A. Okay. See you tomorrow. And thanks for walking me home! =
  • B. Try not to get lost for once!

Don’t worry. Nathaniel will have to come to school some time or another.

  • A. But, it’s strange that it’s taking this long, don’t you think? =
  • B. And what if his mom was making him say home, as payback.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t want to scare you.

  • A. I-It’s not your fault, it’s me... I was lost in my thoughts. +
  • B. Well you did! -

However, I noticed that they talked, the two of them. And since you weren't very far away, I figured that Castiel was able to help, in one way or another.

  • A. You are confident!
  • B. That's because you know Castiel well. +


And here is the most beautiful of them all! I knew I would run into you in the locker room...

  • A. Oh no not you! (I already have enough issues to handle without him being around!) -
  • B. Dake... Why are you still at our school? =
  • C. Dake! I’m happy to see you so often at school! +

I couldn’t resist my desire to stay and talk to you a bit more.

  • A. Listen, I have other issues to handle, right now. -
  • B. That’s nice but... +
  • C. You should really think about registering at Sweet Amoris. +

At least we had a nice time together at the mall, right, beautiful?

  • A. Yes, that’s true. +
  • B. It was by chance. =


  • A. (Talk to Alexy) -
  • B. (Talk to Violette) =

And, are you going to try to find something out?

  • A. No, I’ve done enough already... -
  • B. You guessed it... +

So, what’s your excuse?

  • A. I’ll tell you about it later.
  • B. I... I’m maybe a bit involved in Nathaniel’s disappearance. +


At the same time, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing at LoL because of my internet connection.

  • A. Oh, I like that MOBA. (more discussion) =
  • B. There is worse, I think. (more discussion) =
  • C. LoL? Like... Laugh out loud? -

What’s your favorite map?

  • A. Twisted Treeline. +
  • B. Dominion: Crystal Scar. -

You say that because you’ve never played.

  • A. Online games aren’t really my thing. +
  • B. Maybe. Can you show me some day? =

For you, maybe!

  • A. Look... Can we talk seriously? Or is that too much to ask? -
  • B. I didn’t come to talk about that...

  • A. Hello! Earth to Armin, this is {$Pseudo}! (Illustration)
  • B. AAARRMIIN!!!! =

I can walk with you if you want.

  • A. Sure, that would be nice! =
  • B. We’re not waiting for Alexy?

I was right to walk you home. You didn’t pay attention to anything that was going on around you.

  • A. I’m having a hard time thinking about something else besides this situation. (more discussion) = (- or)
  • B. You are imagining things. -

It’s normal. Try to relax at home. If you want, I could lend you a game. I saw that you have a game console in your room.

  • A. I don’t think that playing a game will help me to forget.
  • B. That’s nice, but I can’t play when I’m upset. (more discussion) =

Good thing I’m not like that! At the same time, I don’t get upset that often...

  • A. That’s good. That means you know how to deal with what life hands you. +
  • B. Why doesn’t that surprise me? =

...What am I going to do without my game?

  • A. Armin, THERE IS NO GAME!
  • B. Are you serious? =

I should be the one feeling attached! She doesn’t even know the reason behind the Clone Wars!

  • A. So, I don’t either... -
  • B. Those are things that happen... =
  • C. We can always try to explain it to her. +

Haha, what’s wrong with you? It looks like Freddy Krueger is following you!

  • A. It’s just my imagination playing with me. =
  • B. I’m under that same impression... +


Is everything okay, {$Pseudo?}

  • A. Yes, don’t worry. =
  • B. I’ve had better days. (more discussion) =

What’s wrong?

  • A. Oh, nothing... It will pass, I think. +
  • B. I can’t tell you. Sorry. -

It’s best for him if that’s the case.

  • A. Alright, can we move on to something else now? -
  • B. You shouldn’t get angry like that... =

But... Why did you want to see that tattoo?

  • A. I was curious. -
  • B. Lysander was making such a secret of it, I wanted to see what he was hiding. =

So, we should call the police! And you? You’re alright? Imagine if his dad saw you spying on them? Or if...

  • A. (Make him be quite) (Illustration)
  • B. (Try to calm him down) =

That’s when I realize that we are lucky to have caring and watchful parents.

  • A. So... Do you get along better with your dad now? =
  • B. I’m not sure we can compare the education methods of our parents... -

I couldn’t leave you alone after... All that.

  • A. Deep down, you haven’t changed, you are still as nice as before. -
  • B. It’s true that this whole thing did upset me quite a bit. But I’ll be alright. =
  • C. You could have... Everyone wouldn’t have stayed with me. +

Whoa, calm down. It’s just me!

  • A. Phew, I’m reassured. =
  • B. You scared me... +

It’s not impossible. After all, the police have to have both versions.

  • A. I hope that nothing has happened to him. -
  • B. I hope that he will be brave enough to tell the truth. +

I don’t know if you remember, but we were close a few days ago... And since we went to Nathaniel’s house together, nothing.

  • A. Oh, I didn’t think you would take it that bad...
  • B. I asked you a lot... I didn’t want to bother you anymore. +
  • C. That doesn’t mean we aren’t close. =



  • After choosing which boy to talk to about Nathaniel's problem, your Candy explains to him how she saw the bruises on Nathaniel's back in episode 12. In episode 13, if you choose to clean the basement with Castiel, he mentions this, saying "Like that one time you hid in the boys' locker room." to which your Candy wonders "(H-How did he hear about that?!)". Similarly, in episode 18, if you meet Armin on your way home and he offers you a drink, he might tease you about "Spying on boys in the locker rooms", to which your Candy responds "It wasn't supposed to be Nathaniel...". These scenes indicate that they both know about the incident in the locker rooms, yet when you tell them about it in this episode, they ask about it like they haven't heard about it, and are shocked to hear it.
  • When your Candy goes to buy Amber a gift for the sleepover, she buys her multicolored scented candles. Later, when your Candy goes to brush her teeth, she has the option to take some white candles from Amber's bathroom. When you look in your inventory, however, the white candles your Candy took show up as the same multicolored candles she brought Amber as a host gift instead of being white.
  • When your Candy talks to Castiel after he gives advice to Nathaniel, she tells him that having suspicions of abuse against Nathaniel was the reason she wanted to sleep over his house. Castiel mentions how it must have been a struggle to get Amber to agree to the sleep over, and your Candy replies that it wasn't that hard and how she gave her a makeup case in exchange. In Episode 22, however, if your Candy chose to not make the deal to stay away from Castiel, even when she does bring Amber the makeup case, Amber still refuses it. Instead, she wants your Candy to be her servant for a week, in which your Candy agrees.