Gender Male Male
Height -
Weight -
Blood Type -
Birthday - 9 years old
Sign Unknown
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Light Teal
Favorite Color -
Likes Guitar, Iris, astronomy
Dislikes -
Professional statistics
Occupation Elementary Student
Relatives Iris Sister

Isabelle Mother

First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 26

Thomas appeared at the end of Episode 26 when Iris and him were walking around the park and he stared at Candy and whomever was her date, which seemed to shock Candy considering she thought he was older.


Thomas has been playing the guitar for two years. It is shown that he is mature for his age, whether it be his personality or his musical talents is unsure. He says he will be 10 soon stating he is currently 9 years old. He has a girlfriend.


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Thomas has short, curly ginger hair and light teal eyes. He has thick eyebrows the same color as his hair and pale white skin. He wears a black t-shirt with light grey horizontal lines and red lower clothing.


Mature for his age. Naturally talented with the guitar.


Iris: His elder sister. Not much is known about their relationship, but they seem to get along well.

Isabelle: His and Iris' mom. Not much is known about them, but it's thought that he lives separate from her and his sister.

Girlfriend: In Episode 27 Iris tells our Candy that Thomas has a girlfriend. Not much is known about her and their relationship. 



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