• (I recently watched a couple of different playthroughs for episode 31, each one following different routes [castiel's and lysander's in particular], and I ended up having a spur-of-the moment thing where I [re]wrote a scene from this episode by putting together little actions, dialouge quotes and plot things taken from different parts of the episode in either route. Things are pretty much-rearranged completely. I didn't actually complete the lysander playthrough, so there's probably a lot of dialouge that I missed that I could've used, but I can try to edit it sometime in the future. Also, I used the Candy's name from the manga, lynn. and apologies for the lack of proper capitalization, i just tend to type like that. so anyways, here's the thing, my dudes.)

    his gaze shifted from rosalya to me. my shoulders tensed, and I took a slight breath. he smiled politely at me, and tilted his head. "ah, i'm sorry.. who are you?"

    my heart beat once. I felt the air brush past my lips. lysander was still smiling, but I could see it fading, his eyes filling with confusion. I was underwater, all movement slowed, all sound muffled. I was just floating, not knowing what to do or how to do it.then I felt a gentle touch, and a voice reached me through the depths.suddenly I was back in the hospital room, lysander smiling uneasily at me, rosalya's hand on my shoulder.

    "lynn?" she said quietly, concern in his eyes. she spoke to lysander again. "it's lynn, lysander! don't tell me you don't remember!" I blinked. she turned to me and started, "you and her are-" I put my hand over rosalya's and shook my head at her ever so slightly. she faltered, sadness in her eyes.

    "sorry, I.." I looked back at lysander.

    "i'm... lynn.. we're friends.." I trailed off, then took a deep breath. "we.. y-you.. helped me... through s-some.. difficult times." I heard my voice crack and I forced my eyes away from his face. "w-we were.. very close." my voice was suddenly very hoarse and I felt rosalya's arms wrap around me.lysander spoke. "i'm truly sorry, but.. i'm afraid I don't remember you at all."my shoulders stiffened and rosalya pulled me closer to her."it's... it's okay." I croaked."do you need to go outside?" rosalya whispered to me. I shook my head again, "no- no, no no. I-i'm fine." I forced a smile on. we drew apart, and rosalya spoke to the both of us.

    "I'll be right back, I have to use the bathroom. will you two be okay?" lysander and I both nodded. I turned to look at rosalya go, then I noticed lysander gazing at her. the door shut, and he looked at me. I smiled at him, looking for any sign of recognition in his eyes. there was nothing.

    "so, how do you know rosa?" he asked.

    "oh, ah.. I met her at school.. I moved here a few months ago, and now we're really good friends.."

    "that's nice." he said, nodding. "..isn't she wonderful?"

    I looked up at him, confused. he was staring at the wall, smiling --almost dreamily. I hesitated, then said "y-yes, she is."

    "I don't remember any recent events, but I remember my friends.. rosa, leigh, castiel."

    I nodded again, his words feeling like a slap across the face.

    "rosa is so sweet. she was here first thing in the morning, waiting until the doctors let her in."

    "yes." I faltered a little. "yes, she was."

    "I remember.. she's a classmate from my--" he paused. "our-- school. she came to my brother's shop just the other day.. we talked a lot. I think.. we had become a lot closer." Lysander turned to look at me again. "has it really been months? have I really forgotten that much?"

    I nodded once more.I suddenly blurted out, "the first time we met, I honestly thought you were a ghost." I quickly covered my mouth with my hands. "oh my-- i'm sorry, i'm not supposed to--"

    he cut me off. "no, no it's fine." I looked at his battered face, the face that has helped me, comforted me, laughed with me and loved me. but none of that was there anymore.

    he spoke again, this time looking out the window. "you know, it's funny. I don't know you at all, and yet your voice sounds so familiar."

    I felt the air rush out of my lungs. I think I even gasped a little. lysander turned to look at me and started. "a-are you ok?! you've gone awfully pale! do you need some water?"

    I could only look at him and nod, because I knew that if I tried to speak I would start crying, and I knew I wouldn't be able to stop. I got up and reached for the door handle, but before i could open it he interrupted me.

    "is it me that scared you and your friend the other night...?"

    I looked at him, confused, little pinpricks of tears forming in my eyes. 

    "it was what I had told you that night, right? when we met?" he paused. "it's still a bit fuzzy. I wouldn't have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it."

    I simply turned away, grasped the doorknob firmly, walked through the door, let it slam behind me, and almost collapsed against rosa, who was coming back from the bathroom.

    "lynn? is everything okay?" she held me, worried.

    "I need to get some air." I managed to force out. "I'll come back later."

    I untangled myself from her arms, then quickly passed her the bouquet of white lilies.

    "give these to him, would you?"

    I backed away from her, from the flowers, from lysander, and ran, the tears finally overflowing, spilling down my cheeks.

    "wait!" rosalya called.

    I didn't even turn around. 

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