Tije is a Christmas 2012 special character. She is a lovely tiny elf who helps Santa take care of his reindeer.


At the beginning of the episode, Tije appears and wants your Candy's ring in order to show it to her friend. Your Candy explains to her that she can't take off the ring, as it is stuck to her, so Tije decides to take your Candy with her on her journey.  When your Candy arrives at the North pole, (I'm assuming that's where she took your candy...) your Candy needs to roam around the different locations. When she discovers the reindeer stalls, Tije offers you free clothes and will ask you to help Rudolph, because he appears to be sick. You have 3 options to chose from (all of which your Candy believes can help Rudolph get better), but only one will work. Once that objective is finished, your Candy will have to roam around until you find find a white, female reindeer for Rudolph. Your Candy will have to try at least two different ways to capture the reindeer. Once you have finally caught one, you will have to pick a collar for her. After capturing the reindeer, your Candy will bring her to Rudolph, but you must first choose a name for her! After bringing Rudolph his new partner, he will cheer up and Tije will even give you a new dress and blonde wig, plus an exclusive illustration, that is if you chose the right answer choices.


Tije wears a light brown hat with two antlers attached to it. She has golden eyes and light pink lips. Her light pink hair is tied into two braids. She wears a green turtleneck sweater and brown shorts with red and dark pink checkered tights underneath. Her reindeer wears a red collar with three golden bells on it. Behind her follows a trail of blue mist.


Tije is bubbly and very cheerful. She takes her job as an elf very seriously, and cares for Santa's reindeer. She is responsible, kind, and fun!





  • Tije's reindeer was available as a wearable item in the Christmas Boutique 2014 during the shop's reopening. It cost 180$, but was offered for free to players who had used the bank during the original event. It is called Little Reindeer in your closet, and is placed under the necklaces category, seeing as it sits on your Candy's shoulder.


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