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Episode 14 - Turn Up the Volume (Part Two)

QuotationM1 The project is underway. It's up to you and your friends to finalize the concert and create an event to remember! New surprises to come in this second part. QuotationM2

Turn Up the Volume (Part Two) is the 14th episode of My Candy Love. It was originally released on February 14th, 2013. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Continuing from Episode 13, your Candy talks to Alexy about what Castiel told her in the last episode about not having enough musicians for the concert. They need to find other people who can play instruments and since Alexy is new to the school and doesn't know many people, it's up to your Candy to look for musicians. Alexy comments on how they should advertise with posters and decides to make posters with Violette. Once Alexy leaves, your Candy decides to find Lysander, since he's sung on stage before and might know what to do. When your Candy finds Lysander, she asks him outright how many musicians would be needed to perform on stage. Sadly, none of Lysander's contacts would be willing to play at a high school concert, but your Candy is positive they'll figure things out. She decides the best thing to do would be to ask everyone in the school, besides Amber and her gang, if they'd be willing to play in the concert. She decides not to ask Nathaniel, either, since she feels he's not the type to play an instrument. When your Candy runs into Rosalya, she finds out she doesn't play an instrument, but will make costumes for the concert instead. She then sees Amber, who is annoyed everyone is playing so much attention to your Candy for the concert idea. Your Candy runs into Castiel, who wonders if your Candy can pull the concert off. Castiel has never played on stage before and this will be his first time. When your Candy asks Armin if he can play an instrument, he claims to be great at the drums and is happy to help. Your Candy asks if he needs any help bringing his drum set to the school, but he doesn't need help and will be back with his set as soon as possible. Now that they have a drummer, all they need for the concert is another guitarist. When your Candy sees Nathaniel, he asks if it would be a good idea to keep a list of people attending the concert and they decide it's for the best to make one. Your Candy continues to look for someone who can play an instrument and when Peggy is asked, she replies that she can't and that she'll be the one taking pictures, anyways. Peggy then mentions how she'll help spread the word about the concert outside of the school. When Melody is asked if she plays an instrument, she only played the triangle in middle school and can't help with the concert. Kentin only plays the flute, so he can't help with the concert either. As your Candy looks for another member for the band, she runs into Iris and remembers her brother played the guitar and maybe she does, as well. When asked, Iris mentions she knows how to play the guitar, but would be too nervous to play on stage. Your Candy convinces Iris that she'll be fine and Iris agrees to join the band, but she'll need to borrow her brother's guitar. Your Candy finally has found the last member needed for the band, and she goes off to tell the boys of the good news.

Your Candy looks around and finally finds Lysander and Castiel. She tells them about how she found a drummer and guitarist, which was good timing since Lysander's contacts didn't want to play at the school. Castiel is actually happy with the choice of Iris and Armin joining them, and it's equally lucky that both of them have access to the instruments they play. Your Candy decides to check on how Alexy and Violette's posters are coming along while Castiel and Lysander practice. When your Candy finds Alexy, he tells her that the posters are almost done and that they just need to put on the names of the musicians. Your Candy lists off the names of the musicians and when she mentions Armin, Alexy is surprised. Your Candy mentions he's playing the drums, and Alexy leaves the room in a hurry after saying Armin is an idiot. Violette is unsure if she should put Armin's name in the poster, and your Candy tells her to wait until they find out what's going on. Your Candy goes down to the basement to find Armin, Lysander, Castiel, Iris, and Alexy talking. Apparently Armin brought his Guitar Hero set thinking he could use the drums that go with it for the concert. Once again, the band is lacking a drummer and they've already asked everyone they can think of. Lysander then brings up the point that they didn't ask Nathaniel, and it's decided that your Candy will ask him just in case. Iris volunteers to join your Candy, and the duo head out to find Nathaniel. When they exit the basement, Iris says how she feels bad for Armin and how it was funny that he brought Guitar Hero drums. Iris then has to leave to go ask her brother for the guitar. Castiel meets up with your Candy briefly to ask her if she's asked Nathaniel yet and if she'd consider pretending she asked without really doing so, but your Candy still wants to ask Nathaniel. They part ways, and she goes off to look for Nathaniel.

After awhile, your Candy finally runs into Nathaniel. She asks him if he knows how to play the drums, but his parents never wanted him to play instruments since it would interfere with his schooling. Your Candy is disappointed since now they'll have to go without a drummer, but Nathaniel offers to try and learn to play the drums. Nathaniel seems excited and even though Castiel will be angry, at least she found their drummer at last. Since Nathaniel doesn't have a drum set, your Candy decides to ask Kim since she had a friend who plays the drums. When your Candy runs into Iris, she has her brother's guitar and only has to use her brother's alibi if he ever wants to go out instead of doing his chores. Amber also approaches your Candy and is upset Nathaniel will be taking part in the concert now, but your Candy brushes her off and leaves. Your Candy runs into Iris again and she explains how she went to the basement, but it was too active there since Nathaniel and Castiel are together down there. Even Violette heard activity in the basement, and your Candy only hopes everything will be okay. Finally, your Candy finds Kim and asks her about her friend's drum set. She says her friend owes her a favor anyway, so she'll ask about borrowing it from him. Your Candy leaves to go tell Alexy the news so he can put Nathaniel's name on the posters. She runs into Nathaniel again, who tells your Candy how well it went with Castiel finding out he'll be playing in the band. Castiel even went home early, though they decide not to tell the principal so that he can still play at the concert. When your Candy sees Rosalya, she explains how the posters look great and how Alexy and Violette are asking everyone's opinions on them. Once your Candy finds Alexy, it's up to her to choose which poster to use since it's a tie. She can choose between a pink and purple poster, a neutral poster, or a dark poster. The date on the poster is in 3 weeks so that the band has enough time to practice. Before your Candy heads home for the night, she's stopped by Nathaniel. He points out that in order for everyone to see the band playing, they'll need a stage. Since a stage is used at graduations, they could ask Mr. Faraize for permission to use it. Your Candy can either help Nathaniel and Melody put the stage up so that they aren't alone, or she can let them handle it on their own. If your Candy stays to help, Melody will be a little disappointed and a little cold toward your Candy. Nathaniel returns with the good news that Mr. Faraize gave them permission and is even going to help set up the stage, so your Candy and Melody will wait for them in the basement. Your Candy and Melody banter for a moment before Mr. Faraize and Nathaniel arrive with the stage pieces, and they put it together. Your Candy thanks Mr. Faraize for his support in the concert project, and everyone parts ways to go home.

Your Candy oversleeps and hurries to school so she won't be late. She decides to go to the basement first to see how it looks with the stage set up. Lysander is already in the basement and is happy to see the stage, but it's still missing the instruments. They're waiting for Kim to bring the drums along with Iris and Castiel to bring their guitars. While Lysander gets the band members together for their first practice, your Candy goes off to find Kim to ask her about the drums. She runs into Kentin, who wishes he could have played an instrument besides the flute. When your Candy talks to Peggy, she mentions how she put posters up around the town so people will see them, and your Candy thanks her for her help. When your Candy finds Kim, she's dragging two large boxes and asks for some help. It's her friend's drum set, and the two head to the basement to drop it off. In front of the basement, Amber blocks the way, but Kim snaps at her and she leaves in a huff. In the basement, your Candy and Kim drop off the drum and go ahead setting it up on the stage. Kim suggests putting up a back area where the band can relax during the intermission, but she goes before they can brainstorm an idea. Your Candy thinks that maybe Rosalya can make two large curtains that would go between the stage and the wall to act as a backstage area. While looking for Rosalya, your Candy runs into a small girl who is wondering if she's at Sweet Amoris High School. She saw the concert posters and wonders if they need any help with it, and your Candy is curious as to why she would want to help so suddenly. Apparently this girl is a huge fan of Lysander's and she wants the concert to be perfect for him. She introduces herself as Lysandra, president of the Lysander Fan Club. She offers your Candy a Lysander Fan Club shirt, and she can buy it or not. As of now, there are only 2 members of the Lysander Fan Club (if your Candy joined) and the design on the short is Lysander's tattoo, although she won't explain how she knows what it looks like. Lysander approaches the two girls and asks why the new girl is at the school, in which she responds by hugging him. He asks her to not hug him politely and pushes her away gently. The entire time he called by the name Nina, which is actually her real name; Lysandra was just a joke. Nina tells Lysander how she wants to help with the concert, but Lysander explains that they don't need help and that she should return to her middle school. Nina plans to come to the concert to see Lysander sing, and he leaves to go find Castiel, who has most likely been avoiding him due to him suggesting Nathaniel join the band. Once Lysander leaves, your Candy gets a bad feeling something scary is behind her, and Nina confronts your Candy with a demonic expression about her. If your Candy is close enough to Lysander, Nina kicks your Candy out of the Lysander Fan Club and threatens that she'll pay if she goes near Lysander. After the encounter with Nina, your Candy goes off and finds Rosalya and asks her about making curtains for the stage. Rosalya agrees, especially after Leigh has extra fabric he didn't know what to use for anyways. Your Candy just needs to supply a curtain rod, which she buys at the Dollar Shop. She also still plans to make the boys some outfits for the concert and the curtains could act as a place for them to change, as well. Several students are curious about Nina, and ask your Candy about her. Once she arrives in the basement, your Candy puts up the curtain rod and Rosalya joins her so that she can take measurements for the curtains. She leaves in a hurry and your Candy follows suit. Upstairs, your Candy runs into Lysander, who asks if Nina left. Apparently he hasn't known Nina long, but after singing at a concert she attended, Nina follows him even to his house. On her way out of the school, your Candy runs into Armin and Alexy, who are dropping off some sound equipment needed for the concert. They part ways and your Candy goes home for the night.

When your Candy arrives to school the next day, she can hear music from down the hallway. She goes to check in on them and when she gets to the front of the basement, the music stops. Your Candy goes into the basement to find an angry Castiel, and Nathaniel explains how one of his drumsticks slipped from his hand and just happened to hit Castiel. Iris feels uncomfortable with the fighting and offers to leave, but Lysander encourages her. Your Candy leaves the band for now and runs into Iris again, who mentions how they're taking a break and how it's hard to practice in such a tense atmosphere. Your Candy offers to talk to Nathaniel, and Iris is relieved and appreciative. Your Candy goes back to the basement, but no one is there anymore. Only a magazine remains, in which your Candy picks up, but Castiel interrupts her. The magazine is his, and your Candy returns it to him even though it's over three months old.

Time flies as three weeks pass and it's now the day before the concert. Everyone is a little nervous and some things still needed work. Kim suggest having a drink stand since people get thirsty at concerts and she'll be the one setting it up. She just needs the drinks, and your Candy offers to get them as long as she gets a free drink during the concert. Your Candy gets the drinks at the Dollar Shop and returns to Kim, and she lists off how everything is taken care of, even the costumes. The boys have no idea about the costumes, only Iris knows and it's suggested they not be filled in yet. Rosalya won't let your Candy see the outfits yet, either, and even mentions there being a surprise for your Candy, too. Rosalya tells your Candy to meet with her tomorrow behind the curtains on stage, and she agrees.

The day of the concert, your Candy goes to the basement to find Rosalya and Alexy showing the boys their costumes, in which they don't seem very receptive. Rosalya won't allow the boys to go on stage in their normal clothes since they don't match, and then orders your Candy to put on her costume. Your Candy wonders why she had to pay for it, and apparently the work was free, but not the fabric. Iris compliments your Candy, and Lysander mentions how they have no choice but to wear the costumes so they might as well change. Kim comes in to announce that they need to get ready since people will start showing up soon, and Nathaniel asks if your Candy would go check with Melody about the list of people attending to ensure his parents aren't on the list. Your Candy agrees and goes to find Melody, but is stopped in the hallway by Mr. Faraize who wanted to contribute by installing extra lights, which he'll turn on when the concert starts. When your Candy talks to Melody, she agrees to tell your Candy if Nathaniel's parents show up, though it's highly unlikely they know of the event. With the concert starting soon, your Candy goes down to the basement to watch the concert. The basement is packed with people, and when the lights goes out, Iris, Castiel, Lysander, and Nathaniel go up on stage. As they begin playing, your Candy has the option to focus on one of the boys and to watch them perform. The concert lasts for an hour and a half with no breaks before it ends. In the end, people begin to empty out of the basement and your Candy does the same to give the band a break. Outside she meets up with Nina, who is excited about Lysander's performance. Even though your Candy mentions how Lysander needs a break, Nina goes off to find him anyways, and your Candy decides to follow. Before she can, however, she bumps into a girl she doesn't recognize. The girl is looking for Castiel and for some reason, your Candy has a bad feeling about it.

Quest Items

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Date Outfits

Date Outfit Episode 14
For Candy
Dollars 120

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Locker Room
• Gift: Headphones

Hidden Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
When choosing the poster type, pick the neutral poster.
Join Nina's Fan Club


Episode Exclusive Backgrounds

Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 14

(Attention: it doesn't provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1 : The Musicians

PART 2 : The Drums and the Stage

PART 3 : The Concert


P A R T 1: 

The Musicians

There are three illustrations available in this episode: One with Lysander, one with Castiel, and one with Nathaniel. You will unlock them by choosing who to look at during the concert (there is no question or outfit choice)

There is a problem : you need more musicians. After talking to Alexy - who decided to create posters with Violett to announce the concert to people outside of the school - you remember Lysander: He has already sang for a concert, he must know musicians that can help you!

     Objective: Go see Lysander to see which members of the group are missing

Once you unlock the dialogue with Lysander, you find out that you will need a drummer and a second guitarist. You don’t know any musicians, but maybe your classmates know how to play an instrument.

      Objective: You need to find a drummer and a second guitarist!

To validate this objective you need to ask all the students you know. To help you, several objectives are unlocked at the same time:

✔ Ask Iris if she can play an instrument

✔ Ask Armin if he can play an instrument

✔ Ask Rosalya if she can play an instrument

✔ Ask Melody if she can play an instrument

✔ Ask Ken if he can play an instrument

✔ Ask Peggy if she can play an instrument

You need to unlock at least one dialogue with each person to be able to advance in the episode Against all odds, Armin and Iris can become the drummer and guitarist, respectively. The concert is saved! You need to tell the other members of the group as soon as possible.

      Objective: Return to see the boys!

Castiel and Lysander are together, and you tell them the good news. Castiel says something about Armin, but you don’t pay attention to him. While waiting for the instruments to arrive in the basement, you go see Alexy and Violette about the posters.

      Objective: Go see Alexy and Violette to see where they are with the posters

You will find them in Classroom A The posters are coming along! When you talk to Alexy about Armin and his drums, he abrubtly leaves the classroom, leaving you alone with Violette. Intrigued, you follow him to see what’s up!

      Objective: You need to find out what is going on with Armin

You’ll find out the end of this little story in the basement. Armin doesn’t know how to play the drums... he knows how to play Guitar Hero, a video game.

After Castiel, Lysander, Armin and Alexy get into a little argument about how ridiculous Armin’s offer was, you find yourself back where you started : you still don’t have a drummer. And the percussion is an essential part of a group! The problem is that you already asked everyone you know. Well, almost everyone... You haven’t asked Nathaniel.

P A R T 2: 

The Drums and the Stage


      Objective: Ask Nathaniel if he can play the drums

Today, all your classmates have surprised you quite a bit. Nathaniel, assured because he says he’s a fast learner, agrees to try to play the drums, even though he’s never played before. Without another choice and even though Castiel is also in the group, you accept. This time the group is really complete! You just need a drum set, but Kim’s friend has one. You will need to ask her if you can borrow it for the concert.

      Objective: Ask Kim if her friend can lend his drums

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to know if you can borrow the drums or not, but Kim is confident that it will be alright! Now you need to talk to Alexy to give your opinion for the posters. Before you unlock this dialogue, you need to talk to Nathaniel and Rosalya. Alexy and Violette show you their three designs. Depending on your choice, you can win an exclusive item!


A little barrette, if you choose the right style of poster!

The day is over and you need to go back to the courtyard to go home.

      Objective: Go to the courtyard to go home

When you get to the courtyard Nathaniel stops you. He wants to set up a stage in the basement. You have two choices:

C H O I C E 1:

(Nathaniel and Melody? Oh, absolutely not!)

will help you win some LoM with Nathaniel

You too will help Nathaniel to set up the stage. After all, you can’t leave him alone with Melody.

       Objective: Go to the hallway to see Melody

Melody isn’t very happy to see you. Nathaniel joins you and you move on to the next objective.

      Objective: Go to the basement to set up the stage

Once the stage is set up, you go home and come back to school the next day. Then, you decide to go back to the basement to see if the other have seen the stage you set up the day before.

Now you will return to the main storyline.

C H O I C E 2:

"Ok. Good luck to both of you!"

no consequences

You don’t have time for Nathaniel and you go home. Once you go back to school, you are curious to see what him and Melody set up and you decide to go to the basement.

Now you will return to the main storyline.

      Objective: Go to the basement

Go to the basement to move on to the next objective.

      Objective: Find Kim to see if she has the drums

You can find Kim outside the school (courtyard, garden and/or gym). She has the drums, but you need to help her carry them to the basement.

      Objective: Help Kim to carry the drums to the basement

With the drums set up, the stage is set for the concert! The boys can start practicing : everything is falling into place! But, you still have the feeling that something is missing... Rosalya wants to help too, so you ask her to make big curtains to create a backstage area!

P A R T 3: 

The concert


A new rival?

Before moving on to the next objective, you meet a new character: Nina. She is a younger Lysander fan, who saw the posters for the concert and want to see Lysander sing again. Depending on your answers, she will offer you the “Team Lysander” T-Shirt.

      Objective: Talk to Rosalya about your backstage project

Rosalya is really into your idea, she says right away that Leigh will help, because he owns the Clothes Shop. She will just need a curtain rode to hang up the curtains.

      Objective: Buy a curtain rod at the Dollar Shop and bring it to the basement

You can find a curtain rod at the Dollar Shop. Once your buy it, return to the basement and set it up behind the stage. Now you just need the curtains. The day is over and you go home without waiting to see them: you see them tomorrow.

      Objective: Go see what the basement looks like now


The boys are fighting because Nathaniel “accidentally” hit Castiel with his drumstick. The practices are going too well... Leave the basement to unlock a new dialogue and the following objective.

      Objective: Try to talk to Nathaniel in the basement

Except Nathaniel isn’t there anymore. The objective is validated. You prefer to concentrate on the finishing touches for the concert : it’s tomorrow and everything needs to be perfect! Kim has an idea to make a drink stand incase the spectators get thirsty during the show.

      Objective: Buy some bottles at the Dollar Shop and give them to Kim.

Once you buy the bottles, return to find Kim in the staircase. The stand is ready and she let’s you know that Rosalya and Alexy finished the costumes for the boys. You are curious to see what they’ve prepared

      Objective: Talk to Rosalya about the costumes.

Rosalya doesn’t want to show you the costumes right away, and asked you to wait until tomorrow. You go home. You come back to school the next day, the day of the concert! You go to the basement to see the outfits Rosalya made.

      Objective: Go to the basement to see the famous costumes!

In the basement, the boys are confronted with the harsh reality : they are going to have to wear the costumes Rosa made, even if they don’t like them. Rosa also made you an outfit, to thank you for your participation. She asks you to pay for the outfit because the fabric was a bit expensive.


      Objective: Go see Melody in the courtyard

Nathaniel didn’t tell his parents that he was participating in a concert. He didn’t even say there was going to be a concert: they wouldn’t understand. Except, the posters worked and brought in quite a crowd, so Nathaniel is worried they might come. He asks you a little favor: to go make sure his parents haven’t come to the concert. To do this, you will have to consult Melody’s list of spectators. You will find her in the courtyard.

      Objective: The concert in going to start! Go see it!

Head to the basement. You will see the episode illustration. Careful, you can only unlock one illustration per episode, and you need to choose one of the boys when you are asked to choose who to watch during the concert. The concert is a success, you leave the basement to give the group some space.

      Objective: Let the group breathe a bit, go get some air in the courtyard.

Go back the courtyard one last time to meet a new character. You don’t know her name and she is looking for Castiel, but you don’t know why.

That’s the end of this guide!!

See you for episode 15 !

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


Do you think we should keep a list of the people who will go to the concert?

  • A. That may be a good idea yeah! +
  • B. I don’t have a clue about that... -
  • C. Would that just be a lot of work for nothing? =

That’s because he was yelling at Lysander... I didn’t think Lysander was so calm, he didn’t even raise his voice once while his friend was almost insulting him.

  • A. Maybe he was scared? -
  • B. Lysander and his legendary patience... =
  • C. You’re quite patient too! =

Yeah, I asked Melody to wait with me, that way if Mr. Faraize says it’s Ok then we can put it up together.

  • A. (Melody and him? Oh, absolutely not!) +
  • B. Oh. Good luck to both of you! =

Yeah, I heard that...

  • A. Maybe you’ll have a fan club too after the concert! =
  • B. I hope you won’t have any fans after the concert... +


Why do you wanna know?

  • A. Uh well... You didn’t really know that three musicians and a singer would be enough... =
  • B. Just curious, because I just talked to Lysander and he has. =

And you are really going to ask him?

  • A. Do I really have the choice? -
  • B.Yes, of course. =

Pff... I’m going to have to deal with him now, I hope you’re happy.

  • A. We didn’t have the choice! -
  • B. Don’t be childish, he’s not that bad. -
  • C. Yes, very. For once it’s me who’s ruining your life... +

Oooh, Nina? He told me about her.

  • A. Do you know how he feels about her? -
  • B. Maybe after the concert, you’ll have a fan club too! =
  • C. I hope that after the concert you won’t have a fan club... +


Yeah, it almost makes me regret not playing an instrument... Well, besides the flute.

  • A. Admit that with a flute in the group they would have looked ridiculous... -
  • B. Too bad, you could have given a reason for the girls from other schools to come to the concert. +


You seem pretty sure of yourself.

  • A. But I’m not! +
  • B. I don’t really have the choice! =
  • C. Oh... Sorry. -

I still haven’t been able to reach my friends by phone yet. Sorry.

  • A. It’s ok. =
  • B. Ah! You didn’t forget! +
  • C. Too bad, I’m struggling here... -

If Nathaniel knows how to play the drums and he accepts to play, Castiel will deal with it. It’s time that they both grow up a bit.

  • A. That might be a bit much to ask, don’t you think? -
  • B. I hope that you’re right... =
  • C. If you say so... +


  • A. Hey! Did you sleep well?
  • B. Hey! How was studying? +
  • C. Hey! Did you get further in your game?

Yeah! I swear! I can beat all the records! If you need someone, there’s no problem, I would love to help!

  • A. You’re a life saver! =
  • B. Are you sure you can play with Castiel and Lysander? +

It would have stood out form the other groups! Besides, you’ve already played Guitar Hero?

  • A. No, never. +
  • B. Yes, I’m a pro! =


Lysander and Castiel seemed pretty angry, but I thought it was funny! Not you?

  • A. Yeah, it was pretty funny. =
  • B. Not really... we don’t have a drummer now. =

Right? Too bad he couldn’t really play with us, I would have liked to get to know him better!

  • A. He hasn’t been here too long, you’ll have other occasions! =
  • B. Hey! Watch it! Don’t touch Armin! =

Yeah! You could sing with Lysander!

  • A. No, that’s nice, but I’ll pass. =
  • B. That would be great! Are you alright with that boys? =