Here You can find all of the passed updates announced by the admins. 

6/13/14 - Updates List

!! June, 13th 2014 !! 

Hey! Since the site is now under new management, we have taken upon ourselves to re-vamp the site so that it is at it's best for you all to see.

These updates as of now include:

☆ Add new Editor rules and regulations

☆ Update pages

☆ Make everything look high quality

☆ Add proper Character skeletons.

☆ Protect the site from trolls and enforce the rules

☆ Update episode pages and add episode skeletons.

6/7/14- News from the new Admin team!

!! June, 7th 2014 !! 

Hello everyone, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! After weeks- No, years- of waiting and confusion, the My Candy Love Wiki is finally under new managment! 

As you all might know, our founder Katari12 has been innactive since August 6th, 2013 on the Wiki and October 13th, 2012 on My Candy Love.

I am happy and proud to announce that our RockyRoadSmith has successfully adopted the wiki! She has also assigned a new team of admins! 

We hope to be able to make the wiki abosolutely updated, even more accurate, and make sure trolls have no power! Of course, we will always need your help to make sure the pages have all the best information! 

So let's get started and venture fourth into the future! We look foreward to working with you all!

-The New My Candy Love Wiki Team 

Last words from Katari12

Hello all you MCLers! As you may have guessed this wikia is kinda slow and lacking, we once were HUGE and always updated! However, there seems to be only me (Katari) who can edit and move, and I THOUGHT I had fixed that a while ago. BUT if you're committed to this wikia, and want to help out more, I am looking for 5 Admins! One for updates, One for Cleaning, One for managing, One for General updating and the last one will be for organization. SO PLEASE message me on my wall for the chance to be upgraded. And please share the word around that this exists, that way people can edit more and we can get more up to date stuff!!


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