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"Special Episode"

The story begins with your Candy, who is wondering what will happen at Sweet Amoris since today is Valentine's Day. The moment she enters the school, however, she is transported from a portal to the clouds which she calls "paradise." There, she sees a small boy with wings and a bow who is looking sad. She asks him if he's okay and he states that he is Cupid and that Valentine's Day is the most important day of the year for him. However, there is no love in the air anymore and couples break up at the smallest worry. Your Candy states she still believes in love and decides to help him on the conquest of love. After telling Cupid she would do everything she can to help, he takes an interest in her determination and agrees to her aid.


In the mini-game for the Valentine's 2016 Event, you get the chance to do the job of Cupid! With a limited number of arrows, you must aim for the people walking down the street who could become potential couples. However, they will only become a couple when colliding with another person who has also been struck by Cupid's arrow of love! The love arrow is not permanent and in a short amount of time, the magic will wear off. Some people are unable to fall in love and shooting them with an arrow will only waste it. Depending on your score of couples, you will receive Event Tickets. You can only play 1 time a day.

Valentines 2016 Mini Game screen

Once the mini-game is over, Cupid will asses how well your Candy did and will give her a certain amount of Event Tickets based off of how she did. The more successful couples made, the more Event Tickets your Candy will obtain. The Event Tickets can than be used in the Valentine's Day 2016 Event boutique.

Successful Couples Made Event Tickets Earned
0 Couples 2 Event Tickets
1 Couple 2 Event Tickets
2 Couples 2 Event Tickets
3 Couples 3 Event Tickets
4 Couples 3 Event Tickets
5 Couples 3 Event Tickets
6 Couples 3 Event Tickets
7 Couples 3 Event Tickets
8 Couples 4 Event Tickets
9 Couples 4 Event Tickets
10 Couples 4 Event Tickets

Asset Gallery

The Boys' Messages

On Valentine's Day, all players who log in and access the event receive a Valentine's gift and a message from their highest affinity, wishing them a happy Valentine's Day. The gift from your highest affinity is given to you for free, and the other gifts can be bought at the special boutique with the Event Tickets or your own game dollars.

Each boys' message, as well as some boys' picture on the phone, depends on which episode the player is on. Players who are on the most recent episodes receive a more romantic message, as your Candy and your highest affinity are dating at that point.



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