Valerie is Jean-Louis's wife and Castiel's mother. She works as a flight attendant, while her husband is an airplane pilot. She first appears in Episode 21.


Valerie works as a flight attendant. Her husband is a pilot, and they work together. Because of their jobs, they spend a lot of time away from home, which is also the reason Castiel is legally independent. But, they seem to like their jobs. Both also seem to be rather fond of Castiel, even if he isn't.

Valerie usually throws her arms around him as soon as she sees him, and nicknames him "Cassy", much to his annoyance and embarrassment. She even dyed the tips of her hair red to match her son's.


Valerie has dark brown wavy hair with the tips dyed red (to match her son's) and red eyes.

Her outfit resembles a stewardess uniform. It consists of a buttoned white shirt with short sleeves, a buttoned dark blue dress, black leggings, and a necklace.


Valerie is very cheerful and lively.

Much like her son, she has a short temper, and it appears that they easily get into smaller arguments. However, unlike Castiel, she very openly shows affection, often hugging him and calling him "Cassy". She is rather friendly and outgoing.



  • On Amour Sucre, Valerie's name is originally spelled "Valérie".


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