Victoria is Arnold's wife and the adoptive mother of Armin and Alexy. She works as an interior decorator, and first appears in Episode 21.


Victoria first appears in Episode 21, talking to Guy together with her husband, Arnold.

When Guy asks them if they are Amber's parents, they let him know they only have boys. Upon hearing this, Your Candy immediately guesses they are the twins' parents, seeing there are no other siblings in the school other than Nathaniel and Amber.

They are said to be cool parents, letting their children do whatever they want as long as it's not bad for them, such as allowing Armin to stay up all night to play video games.

Victoria and Arnold are the twins' adoptive parents, hence the boys don't really resemble them by looks. As they are really good parents and the twins love and appreciate them very much, this topic isn't the slightest bit sensitive to them.

She and Alexy are very similar, and they often join forces against Armin and Arnold, who don't stand a chance against them.

Victoria appears again in Episode 29, as she is there to help with the Art Day. She gives instructions to the painting workshop, but also comes to check on some other workshops. If your Candy is dating Armin at this point, she notes that she is a bit nervous about talking to his mother, as she sees her from a different angle now.


Victoria has long, curly black hair and light green eyes.

She can be seen wearing an orange top with two layers, the front one being a bit lighter and more loose; along with gray thigh-length pants and a golden necklace.

There is an option for your Candy to comment to Armin that his mother is pretty.


Victoria is very bright and energetic, much like Alexy. She is also said to be temperamental.

However, she is rather easygoing as a mother. She jokes around a lot together with the boys, such as joking about kidnapping your Candy together with the twins, when they drag her away to introduce her to their parents.



  • On Amour Sucre, Victoria's name is originally spelled "Vitória".
  • In Episode 33, Alexy mentions that his mother hosts poker nights with her friends at their home.


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