Gender Male Male
Sign Taurus Taurus
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Likes Sincerity
Dislikes Injustice
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Relatives Father
First Appearance
First Appearance Never in game/ Manga only

Viktor is a character that you can unlock if you buy the Amour Sucre manga. He only shows up in the manga series, and he does not appear in the game. His design was re-drawn by ChiNoMiko solely for the dates page.



Viktor was a childhood friend of Lynn when they were in nursery school. He always protected Lynn when she was bullied by the boys at their school. He also seems to have a lung issue as stated in the manga.


Viktor has medium length black hair. He has brown eyes and a couple of piercings on his ears.

He wears a yellow v-neck shirt and a black blazer.


Viktor is described as mature for his age and travels the world in preparation to succeed his father, a rich business man. He's loyal and strong, though a bit mysterious. He seems to be carrying a heavy secret. 

Friends and Family


Lynn and Viktor were friends during kindergarten. He always defended her from boys that would tease her, though not by getting into fights. Even after the many years without seeing each other, he still remembers Lynn's birthday and the promise he made ​​to her.



  • You can unlock his "My Dates" profile through a code that comes with the first volume of the Manga, but he will never show up in the game.

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