Violette is one of the five winners of the contest "Create a character - EXTRA - until 31 march 2011" (Amour Sucré, French website[1]) to become a new character on My Candy Love. She was created by Flopinette[2], then redrawn by ChiNoMiko .



Violette is seen to have been around when Deborah was still at the school, although for how long she's been a student at Sweet Amoris is unknown.


Violette has grey eyes and short purple hair, which has four braids- two of them dangle from the sides of her face and the other two are tied back. She wears a grey, dress-like sweater (with light purple lining) over her short white dress with vertical blue stripes. She wears long grey socks that match her fingerless gloves. She is almost always seen carrying her green portfolio.

Violette is usually lost in her own thoughts. She is never seen making any hand gestures, instead she is always clutching to her portfolio. Her expressions are usually same melancholy, except, sometimes she would give a sad smile.


Violette is a shy and innocent girl. She does not talk much with other people, and usually stutters and talks down when she does. Violette first appears in Episode 5, and she seems a little reserved to herself as she only replies with a few words. When Violette opens up with someone, she starts sharing her thoughts and opinions on some things; but she'd still speak less and low. She even helps your Candy get the bottle of water that Amber stole in Episode 8.

Violette is quite sensitive and thinks highly of what other people might think about her. During Episode 7, Violette was found in the courtyard worrying about something. It was then revealed that she carries a stuffed toy wherever she goes, but was afraid to take it to Melody's Birthday party. Afraid that the other girl's would make fun of her, she asked your Candy for help. She requests her to buy a stuffed toy for herself, so that if any of them is caught for carrying a toy, they'd make up an excuse of a bet or a dare between the two.

Violette usually has a melancholy expression. It is not confirmed. but it might have something to do with her mother, as her father has been widowed for few months now. The fact that Violette carries a stuffed toy with her could also be related to her mother and her feelings of being lonely without her.

Violette has a great talent for drawing, she is usually found in the gardening club with a green portfolio with her all the time. Violette was, along with Alexy, given the job to create posters for the concert. She was also given the task of creating the sets for the play, with the help of Iris. Her creativity and love for art is well known.




Violette lives with her father, Armand, only. He has been widowed for a few months, and is still trying to recover from the loss of his wife. He has always looked after Violette, especially now that he's raising her on his own. Armand is quiet like his daughter, with a quiet personality. He also seems rather friendly and polite.


Violette was one of the first people to talk to Alexy when he transferred to the school. After some time she began to have feelings for him. Although Alexy likes Violette a lot, he only likes her as a friend and cannot return her feelings for him. Even so, the two stay close friends and can be seen talking quite often. They both helped make the posters for the concert.  

Violette is also friends with other girls in the school, like, Kim, Melody and Iris. She participated in the orienteering race with Kim as her partner. After the race, they started hanging out together and became friends. On several occasions, like practicing the script for the auditions of the play, Violette was found practicing with Kim. Kim would sometimes help Violette, by motivating her to speak loud and clear. They share a friendly bond.  

Violette was also invited to Melody's Birthday Party, indicating that they have been friends for quite some time. Other than that, Violette is seen helping Iris with the backgrounds of the play. When people called Iris clumsy, Violette tried to defend her. Violette is also close to Candy. She shared her secret of bringing a stuffed toy to school, and liking Alexy, instantly to Candy. Violette also invited Candy to practice the script with her.  


Violette Manga

There is not much information about Violette's appearance in the Manga, but there are certain things in her Manga character that caught our eye. Like, those shiny dark boots and dark gloves. No one expected her to wear that. In the game, Violette is seen carrying her portfolio everywhere, but this is not the case in the Manga. she also seems more cheerful than usual.





  • In the manga, her surname is Delvis.[3]

Contest Entry

Violette was one of the five winners of the contest "Create a character - EXTRA - until 31 march 2011" on Amour Sucré. By winning the contest, she became a new side character to the My Candy Love world and was redrawn by ChiNoMiko. Flopinette created Violette, and even after being redrawn, very little changed about her appearance and personality.


Original concept art by Flopinette

Nom : Violette (j'ai fait dans l'originalité xD) Description : Violette est le genre de personne très discrète, qu'on voit peu et surtout qu'on remarque peu. Néanmoins, elle ne manque pas de sympathie et vaut réellement la peine d'être connue. Elle a presque toujours sa grosse pochette de dessin à la main (aux mains plutôt :3), support de son imagination. C'est une douce rêveuse, en fait.

PS : J'ai veillé à mettre les couleurs à basse opacité, pour qu'on voit le line tout de même >_<. Mais il ne faut pas hésiter à foncer les couleurs, elle est discrète mais pas décolorée non plus e_e.

EDIT : Je viens de voir qu'une autre sucrette a eu l'idée de la dessineuse...j'espère que ce ne sera pas apparenté à du plagiat @_@...ça m'apprendra à traîner pour poster xD.


Original concept art by Flopinette

Name: Violette (I was so original xD)

Description: Violette is the kind of person who is discreet; we see her little and especially hear little remarks from her. However, it is not from lack of sympathy and she's really worth getting to know. She almost always has her big wallet for her hand drawings (hands rather 3), to support her imagination. This is a sweet dream, actually.

PS: I made ​​sure to put the colors at low opacity, so that we see the line still. >_<. But do not hesitate to darken the colors, she is unobtrusive but not discolored either e_e.

EDIT: I just saw another sucrette had the idea of designer ... I hope it will not relate to plagiarism @ _ @ ... that'll teach me to hang on to a post xD.