Wenka is one of the characters you meet during the Easter 2012 special episode. His brothers are Charli and Willi.


Out of the three brothers you meet during the Easter 2012 special episode, Wenka is the middle child. After revealing a prank Wenka and Willi pulled on their oldest brother Charli, Candy eventually befriends them and returns home to her own world. As a thank you gift before you leave, Wenka gives your Candy one of his outfits, which consists of a brown rabbit costume and a pair of socks and high-heel shoes, while mumbling that it suits him better. After you leave, you see two rabbits in the forest with similar appearance traits to Wenka and Willi.


Wenka has short white hair with a pair of white rabbit ears, a white rabbit tail, and brown eyes. He wears clothes that might be considered girly.

His outfit consists of a white crop top, white shorts with a pink and yellow striped belt and a bell attached to it, black stockings and underpants, and a long pink scarf. He wears a pink and a yellow hairclip. In his right hand, he is carrying a lollipop.


Wenka is playful and witty, teasing your Candy as soon as you meet him. He is also rather mischievous, often causing trouble to his older brother Charli together with his younger brother, Willi.





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