White is Nathaniel's cat, whom he adopts in Episode 24.


Nathaniel adopts White in Episode 24 after moving into his own apartment, making her his only living companion.


Not much is known about White's history prior to her adoption. It's possible she may have been a stray kitten before she was brought to the pet shop like the other animals.


White is a Birman kitten with medium-length white and gray colored fur and light blue eyes. Her ears, muzzle, and legs are light gray, slightly darker than the rest of her fur, while her paws are white (giving her the appearance of wearing socks). She also seems to have a white puff of fur on her chest. Since she is still a baby, White is quite small.


Nathaniel says she is very affectionate. White is also quite mischievous as stated by Nathaniel saying she is already scratching up the furniture but he is unable to stay mad at her due to her cuteness.



Although White had the tendency to cause mischief at times (scratching the furniture), it's clear that he loves her very much and she loves him in return.


When Candy sees Nathaniel holding White after buying a collar, she goes up to pet her and is glad that Nathaniel is happy.



  • Names:
    • On Amour Sucre, her name is Blanche.
    • On Sweet Amoris, her name is Snowy.


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