Gender Male Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Gray
Likes Carrots
Professional statistics
Relatives Wenka (Older Brother)
Charli (Older Brother)
First Appearance
First Appearance Easter 2012

Willi is one of the characters you meet during the Easter 2012 Special Episode. His older brothers are Wenka and Charli.


Willi is the youngest one out of the three brothers you meet in the Easter 2012 Special Episode. After revealing a prank Willi and Wenka pulled on their oldest brother Charli, your Candy eventually befriends them and returns home to her own world. Willi gives your Candy his chicken as a tank you gift before you leave, and you can wear it as a clothing item on your hand. After you leave, you see two rabbits in the forest with similar appearance traits to Willi and Wenka.


Willi has short gray hair with a pair of gray rabbit ear, and grey eyes. He wears a grey hoodie with a blue collar and ripped black pants. He is usually seen with a chicken on his head.


Willi is smart and serious for his age, but is also prone to mischief and childish pranks together with Wenka. He is also a bit snarky.




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