The Witch is a character from the Halloween 2012 special episode.


The Witch is a character that appears in the special episode Halloween 2012. She is rather bitter and rude. She makes you do multiple tasks in order to make the potion so she can "look into the future." Depending on if you win or lose the minigame, you can either get an illustration, or the witch will give you a potion so you can return back to Sweet Amoris. She also has a pet cat, and if throughout the episode you choose the correct answers to certain dialogues, she'll let you keep it.


The Witch has long, copper hair with a small black bow tied to the end of it. She wears a brown hat with what appears to be a mouth on its left side. The hat is also decorated by a small, green caterpillar and several yellow gems. She has a dark blue cape (the inside of the cape is purple and decorated with the night sky) draped over her shoulders and furry, dark blue cuffs around her wrists to match. She wears a light brown shirt that is heavily decorated with bats on the left side. To match her shirt, she wears brown shorts with spider pantyhose worn underneath. On her left side, she carries a large cane with an orange stone. As for her face, the Witch has bright orange-and-black eyes and dark red lipstick.

She has a very strong resemblance to Agatha.


This lovely witch loves to be rude to our candies. Though, she has a nice side somewhere when the candy is not bothering her.



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